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  • Tim
    What s better than a summer suntan? moosebutter s delicious new recording of HARRY POTTER!!! Just in time for the new mega-movie premier (June 4th... I ll be
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2004
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      What's better than a summer suntan?

      moosebutter's delicious new recording of HARRY POTTER!!!
      Just in time for the new mega-movie premier (June 4th... I'll be in line for at
      least 3 days before the new movie opens) moosebutter brings you a wacky song
      about that wacky wizard and his wacky wand!

      This song features the amazing vocal percussion of world-famous mouth drummer
      WES CARROLL of San Francisco. Many of you experienced mighty Wes' musical
      prowess when he was in Utah for the Mouth Drumming workshop. Believe me, he
      does not disappoint on this recording.

      Also, for fans only, the BRITISH MIX. Available the same place.

      Disclaimer: your enjoyment of these songs will bear an exponential relationship
      your level of Harry Potter-geekdom.

      Also browse the other new features on the web site, including new, updated
      biographical information!

      And, so you can plan your summer calendar, here's the big moosebutter shows. At
      least 75% attendance is required for a passing grade; students will be allowed
      to re-take the course next summer.

      Some information is still coming in (exact show times, etc.) - we'll keep you
      updated. All information can also be found at www.moosebutter.com.

      When: 11 Jun 2004 (Friday), 6:30 pm
      Where: Orem Summerfest, Orem City Park Approx. 300 East Center Street
      How (much): free
      What/Why: moosebutter opens the night of delightful entertainment for the Orem
      Family Summerfest. After moosebutter is Peter Breinholt, Nancy Hansen, and Jon

      When: 25 Jun 2004 (Friday), 7:00 pm
      Where: Orem Library Media Department 100 North State Street, Orem, UT
      How (much): free
      What/Why: Tim, creator of moosebutter, will be giving a free public presentation
      about the history of moosebutter, influences on the group and the music, and
      resources at the public library that helped aid the formation and development
      of the group. He'll also be fielding questions about the group, about starting
      your own group, the professional music business in general, and your love life.

      When: 26 Jun 2004 (Saturday), eve
      Where: American Fork, UT
      How (much): Free
      What/Why: moosebutter rocks the AF. Pronounced "AF." Summer concert series with
      joy and pumpkins.

      When: 3 Jul 2004 (Saturday), 1:45 pm
      Where: Murray City Fun Days, Murray City Park, UT
      How (much): free
      What/Why: Celebrate YOUR Independence by choosing to heckle Weston as he
      displays his newly-perfected skills of rice snorting! A great show for the
      whole family!

      When: 17 Jul 2004 (Saturday), 12:00 pm
      Where: Fountain Green Lamb Days
      How (much): tba
      What/Why: They eat a lot of lamb. And listen to moosebutter. Central Utah's
      HOTTEST lamb-consuming community celebration.

      When: 31 Jul 2004 (Saturday), 7:00 pm
      Where: Utah County Fair, Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, UT
      How (much): free with Fair admission.
      What/Why: Fair. Fair. Faaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrr.
      moosebutter is the featured performers Saturday night. Expect features, and
      performing. Also, perforations.

      When: 9 Aug 2004 (Monday), 7:00 pm
      Where: Brigham City Outdoor Concert Series 300 West Forest Street, Brigham City,
      How (much): FREE
      What/Why: Come enjoy moosebutter in the outdoors - doing a full show, no less!
      Bring a picnic for your family, and ripe vegetables to throw at the group! Tell
      all your Northern Utah friends about this one, because WOAH it's gonna be fun.
      Sponsored by Coldwell Banker Tugaw Realtors and presented by the Brigham City
      Chamber of Commerce.

      When: 28 Aug 2004 (Saturday), 6:00 pm
      Where: SCERA Shell, Orem, UT
      How (much): Included with Festival event admission.
      What/Why: moosebutter opens the Saturday night festivities at the Timpanogos
      Storytelling Festival. Fun! Fun! Fun! www.timpfest.org

      When: 18 Sep 2004 (Saturday), eve
      Where: Layton City Amphitheater, Layton, UT
      How (much): tba
      What/Why: Mega mega super show: moosebutter, T Minus 5, Eclipse, Voice Male, and
      Octappella all together for the first time ever. The biggest, baddest Utah A
      Cappella show you'll ever see! And moosebutter will give a slurpee to the best
      soloist of the night!

      We love you kids. Remember to wash behind your ears.

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