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FW: 2004 Harmony Sweeps: Checkin' out the western states

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    You re receiving this note because you live in states that surround Colorado -- and you re connected with CASA. I m writing you to let you know I have added
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      You're receiving this note because you live in states that surround Colorado -- and you're connected with CASA. I'm writing you to let you know I have added your names to a mailing of the Colorado Songster, which will be published late next week. A special insert in this edition will announce auditions, arrangements and scheduling for the 2004 Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweepstakes. Groups in your states are eligible to apply for the Denver competition and we have often had great groups appear from the eight surrounding states. We hope to host more of you in the future. Groups like "Eclipse" from Utah and "measureXmeasure" from Missouri have won this competition along with many great Colorado groups such as the famed 17th Avenue Allstars and 2003's Groove Society. > >I hope you will encourage contemporary a cappella applicants (everyone from R&B to Barbershop) from your state to get in touch with us here and consider coming to Denver for the March 6 show, which will be in the brand new 1,000 seat Gates Concert Hall on the campus of University of Denver. It will be a great program, as always, and will celebrate the Harmony Sweeps 20th anniversary! > >We plan to provide lots of amenities for the 2004 event besides the wonderful venue -- things like special guest groups, the largest CD, songbook and media sales area ever, close-in discounted accommodations for both competing groups and far-flung audience, and a super musical afterglow nearby to celebrate the evening. A weekend trip to Denver can be great on a sunny spring day, and there will still be skiing 45 minutes away, so let's gather a crowd that likes to listen to the country's best a cappella and enjoy the opportunity to share notes, musical and otherwise -- and party! > >Sunday, there will be a special Colorado "Sunday Sing" for those of you who stay over, and Monday evening, March 8, a very special guest group will be featured at our great "Bolder A Cappella" series at Redfish Brewhouse in everybody's favorite party town, Boulder, Colorado, just up the pike from Denver. This will be as much of a weekend as you want to make of it, so start gathering your contacts and making your plans. HS tickets will be on sale within two weeks and available from the websites below, as well asv TicketWeb and TicketMaster. > >Two final requests: >First, I know we can depend on you to share the word with any groups you know, but we would also like to send press releases to the major newspapers and media outlets in your area. Can you send me contact info for those? I can also send you an electronic press release (pdf or MSWord) that you can use as you like to spread the word. Of course, our Colorado website (www.cvjs.org) or a link from www.harmony-sweepstakes.com will soon provide regularly updated info about the Sweeps. > >Second, I'm pretty lacking in contact folks for other nearby states. Can you help me find good contacts in KS, MT, NE, NM, SD and WY who should know about this? We've had Nebraska and Kansas folks before, but no current contact there, or in the other four. This is the most important a cappella event of the year throughout the "near western" states (I just made that up) and we want to be sure everyone knows of the opportunity, both to compete and to enjoy the festivities. > >We promise everyone a good time here on the Rocky Mountain Front Range. > >Rol Sharette, producer >2004 Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweepstakes >Program director, CVJS >Colorado Vocal Jazz Society >Colorado Ambassador, CASA >Contemporary A Cappella Society > >888-WIZ-CVJS (949-2857) message line

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