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October is freaking SPOOOKY

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  • moosebutter moosebutter
    News: Voice Male preparing to release Hims II. T Minus 5 just released Alive, a live album. Eclipse has released Three Kings, a Christmas album.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2003
      News: Voice Male preparing to release "Hims II." T Minus 5 just released
      "Alive," a live album. Eclipse has released "Three Kings," a Christmas
      album. moosebutter will have a Christmas EP available in November.

      Upcoming visiting groups:
      The Nylons, October 25th.
      Tonic Sol Fa, January at BYU.

      October shows (for individual group's shows please check their web site or
      visit www.geocities.com/utahaca for more info):
      14 Tues T Minus 5 benefit concert, Fremont High School.
      16 Thursday A Cappella Night at The Corner, 1230 North University Avenue,
      Provo. Featuring: moosebutter, doing covers and improvs. Also a song about
      lemurs. Free.
      17 Friday BYU A Cappella Jam, 7 pm, BYU Joseph Smith Building Auditorium.
      Tickets usually $5, $1 off for students.
      25 Friday The Nylons and T Minus 5 at the Egyptian Theater, Ogden.
      31 Friday moosebutter in Boston.

      November 1st Voice Male Benefit Concert, Riverton.

      more good stuff to come! I love weasles!

      Tim the weasle lover.

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