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  • moosebutter moosebutter
    Hello, all you a cappellites. I am Tim Jones, Utah Contemporary A Cappella Society of America (CASA) ambassador and rabid a cappella fan. Many of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2001
      Hello, all you a cappellites. I am Tim Jones, Utah Contemporary A Cappella
      Society of America (CASA) ambassador and rabid a cappella fan. Many of you
      probably know me from moosebutter; please, don't let that discourage you --
      there will be no SPAM here, physical or metaphorical.

      This is the official mailing list for Utah A Cappella, the main source for
      information about a cappella music in Utah and the surrounding intermountain
      west. First off, WE DO NOT SEND UNSOLICITED EMAIL. We have compiled this
      list from moosebutter, utah a cappella groups, and individual lists. If you
      do not want to receive this email, please reply to this email with the
      subject "utac-unsubscribe" and we will promptly remove you. If you have
      received this email in error, we apologize.

      Also, if you are still receiving emails from moosebutter or the utah a
      cappella groups list and you do NOT want to continue receiving these
      messages, reply to this email with the subject "moos-unsubscribe" or
      "utacgr-unsubscribe" and we will remove you from the specified list. Or, if
      you want your status on more than one list changed, specify in the text of
      the message
      utah acappella -- unsubscribe
      moosebutter -- subscribe
      utah acappella groups -- subscribe
      or whatever you feel like.

      Next, if you know of anyone else who wishes to subscribe to this list, the
      easiest way is for them to send an email to
      mail can be sent to the entire list via utah_acappella@.... also
      available is moosebutter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or

      Now that the house cleaning is done, welcome to all of you! Please check
      out the official Utah A Cappella website -
      http://utahacappella.homestead.com and tell us what you think. We will send
      periodic announcements, updates, and a cappella related joyous stuff on this
      list. For example, news like this:

      USU held a fantastic a cappella show, ACAPPALOOZA, last Thursday night.
      Participating were Colors, Chorduroy, Upscale, 2 by 4, Octapella,
      moosebutter, and Eclipse. Many fans screamed and fan was had by all.

      The Cadillacs will sing at the Provo Tabernacle this Friday, May 4th, 2001
      as part of the Provo City First Friday Cultural Arts activity. The Provo
      Tabernacle is located at 100 South University Avenue. Admission is FREE.

      T Minus 5 and Eclipse head to San Rafael, CA this weekend to compete in the
      Harmony Sweepstakes National Competition. The will do great because they
      are HANDSOME FELLAS. All of them. We wish them the best of luck.

      Saturday, May 5th, 2001 Sugarhouse Voices Chicago Tour Kickoff Concert at
      "The Center," 900 East 5400 South, Salt Lake. It's a strip mall across from
      the Sports Mall.

      Octapella has a concert Thursday May 10th @ Murray High School, Murray,
      Utah. 7:00 pm. $5 Adults, $4 Students. For more information see

      If you have announcements for this list, submit them to
      moosebutter@... with the subject "utahacappella post" or something
      like that.

      And thank you for your time and patience and love of good music.

      ---Tim Jones
      list moderator, CASA Ambassador, smasher of bananas

      P.S. anyone and everyone is welcome to join this mailing list. Even Henry.
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