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    moosebutter is now booking for special MOOSEBUTTER VAL-O-GRAMS!!!! Nothing says I Love You like a singing val-o-gram from goofy, polyester-wearing singing
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2003
      moosebutter is now booking for special
      Nothing says "I Love You" like a singing val-o-gram from goofy, polyester-wearing singing dudes!  moosebutter is a hilarious comedy a cappella quartet from Provo, Utah.  moosebutter has gained a loyal following for singing delightfully funny songs and doing wacky things on stage.  Now is your chance to let moosebutter WOW your loved one with a silly romantic song and a presentation of a special gift (your choice of flower or chocolate).  Love ain't serious, it's fun!  Let us help you make it a special Valentine's Day to remember!
      Only $25!!!
      Also, we're happy to deliver special Valentine's Day break-up songs!!  We do the dirty work for you!  Special fees apply.
      We will deliver the goods to home, work, school, party, or anywhere else.
      Available songs:
      The Valentine's Day Song (music clip at www.mp3.com/moosebutter)
      O Pretty Baby (music clip at www.mp3.com/moosebutter)
      He Met Her on the Stairs
      Spend One More Minute
      Since You've Been Gone
      any other song currently in the moosebutter repetoire (see http://www.moosebutter.com/seedee.php for some of these... call about others)
      Times are still available for Thursday February 13th, Friday February 14th, and Saturday February 15th, any time during any of those days.  Available for Salt Lake and Provo areas on the 13th and 14th, Provo only on the 15th.
      Call or email for reservations... scheduling is prioritized by order recieved.
      (801) 427-1021 or moosebutter@...
      Substitution of song or gift must be approved in advance and may incur additional fees.  Extra travel or longer presentations are options, but will cost more.  Call for details.
      SPECIAL NOTE: Arrangements with teachers, bosses, administration, etc. MUST be taken care of before moosebutter arrives.  moosebutter is not responsible for failure to deliver because we could not get in the door!

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