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    Great news!! Eclipse and moosebutter have been named as finalists in this year’s prestigious Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards!! Eclipse was nominated
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2003

      Great news!!  Eclipse and moosebutter have been named as finalists in this year�s prestigious Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards!!

      Eclipse was nominated for �Best Contemporary Album� and moosebutter was nomininated for �Best Comedy Album� and �Best Comedy Song� for �Star Wars.� 

      The winners in these categories will be named in April.


      Also, check out the calendar at www.geocities.com/utahaca for news on great shows, and to see some new groups that have joined our community. 


      moosebutter has two more CD release concerts.  Contact Tim at 427-1021 if you need more info; we have group rates if your whole group wants to come.  Otay!!!


      Be excellent to one another.


      moosebutter CD release:

      Friday January 31st 2003 7:30 pm U of U Social Work Auditorium $5 general admission $3 student, kids 5 and under free.  Buy tickets at the door.

      Directions to Social Work Auditorium:

      From I-I5 Northbound get off at the 600 South exit (Salt Lake). 

      I-15 Southbound exit at the 400 South exit (Salt Lake).

      Proceed East (toward the mountains).  Be sure you are on 400 South.  Go up the hill, the street will turn into 500 South; turn left at 1300 East, and right at 400 South.  Follow that road until it dead ends, and forces you to turn left into the Library parking lot.  Park there (about $1/hr).  Walk south out of the parking lot towards the great grey concrete building.  Follow the signs to the moosebutter show.

      I-215 variation: if coming north on the I-215 belt, get on to Foothill Drive at the 1-80 interchange spaghetti bowl.  Follow foothill until it curves left and goes past Rice-Eccles Stadium, bringing you to 13th East.   Turn right, right again onto 400 S., then up to the Library dead end.

      Other parking: You can probably park for free at the U of U Institute, which is just East of the stadium, but there's a hecka lot of construction in the area so I have no idea what roads will get you there, and it's a bit of a walk down the hill to the auditorium.


      Saturday January 1st 2003 7:30 pm Provo Arts Center 425 West Center, Provo (the old Provo Library) $5 general admission, $3 student, kids 5 and under free.  Pre-purchase tickets at The Window Box Gallery, 62 West Center Street, Provo.  Or buy �em at the door, if there�s any left.

      Directions to Provo Arts Center:

      From I-15: exit on the Center Street (Provo) exit and head east.  Turn right at 500 West, and make an immediate left turn onto 100 South.  Turn left into the parking lot.  Park.  Check to make sure you have your pom-poms and noisemakers.  Exit car.  Lock car.  Go up steps.  Enter building.  Pay admission.  Mosh.  Ahh.

      From Provo:  you know where it is.  If you don't, just follow the grid.


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