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336Need to unload group's Mackie 450s Speakers

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  • dovydigital
    Oct 3, 2007
      Hey all,
      My aca group (Coalescence) has died. :( Sad. Because of this group I
      have also begun doing live sound. As such I have 4 Mackie 450s. I need
      to unload these because a baby is on the way!

      So I am selling a pair for $1,200. That's 2 Mackie powered PA speakers
      for 1,200.

      They also come with Bags and Stands! These retail for $800 a piece

      We're expecting our first kid and I can't stay in the live a cappella
      scene anymore.

      Let me know if you're interested please!

      (I also have a Mackie Quad EQ that I am selling for 600 OBO, and it's
      seen like 3 uses)

      Dovy Paukstys