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330Real good A Cappella group - let me know what you think of their video

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  • slickrick9215
    Jul 2, 2007
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      Tonic Sol-fa is a member of Gigmasters.com and although they are
      simply four voices and a tambourine, Tonic Sol-fa has spent the past
      decade on the road carving their niche as the nation's top vocal
      group. In that time, this quartet has been named one of the top
      five 'must see' groups in America, has been awarded numerous
      original song and album awards in pop, gospel and holiday genres,
      appeared on NBC's Today Show and in the pages of Newsweek magazine.
      Outings with Jay Leno, Shawn Colvin, Lonestar and Garrison Keillor
      have propelled album sales to more than 1,000,000 copies (mostly
      sold from the back of their trailer!) and have earned the group
      thousands of intensely loyal fans.

      Here is a link to one of their recent videos, they're really good
      check it out: http://www.gigmasters.com/pop/TonicSolfa/

      If you perform in an A Cappella group and are looking for gigs and
      exposure please email me at rbuckholz@....

      Gigmasters.com Moderator
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