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271Octappella (Matt Cropper)

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  • Matt Cropper
    Sep 5, 2005
      Hi everybody!

      I apologize for the group mailing, but wanted to let you all know about
      Octappella's newest CD. As most of you know I sing with a vocal
      contemporary a cappella group. After three long years (as opposed to
      three short years), we (Octappella) have completed our third album,
      titled WORSHIP.

      As the name implies, it is a compilation of 17 religious tunes--some
      original and some familiar--all with new and unique arrangements.

      We have truly put our hearts and souls into this music and hope it will
      be an influence for good for years to come.

      If you'd like to check out the CD you can listen to sound clips and such
      by going to


      If you like what you hear, please help us spread the word! Let your
      friends and family know about us!

      You can also find out when we are going to be singing next at


      Hope you are all doing well!


      Matt Cropper