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216T Minus 5 CD Release

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  • moosebutter moosebutter
    Sep 3 3:27 PM

      T Minus 5 releasing CD at concert


      LAYTON-Up-and-coming vocal band T Minus 5 announces its CD release concert Monday Sept. 15 at the Ed Kenley Amphitheater in Layton. A portion of the night�s proceeds will be donated to the Children�s Justice Center.


      T Minus 5 will release its second CD T Minus 5 �Alive�.  The five-man a cappella group spent a week last July in Nauvoo, Ill. where they recorded their live shows and performed with guest artist Alex Boye. Boye, a popular artist from England, has spent the last 2 years in the United States recording his own albums. Boye will join T Minus 5 on stage once again Sept. 15.


      �Alex Boye is one of the most charismatic performers in the country,� said group member Jeff Petersen. �He is an endless source of energy. He sings from the heart.�


      As T Minus 5 has been touring the nation recently, Sept. 15 marks the first local concert in more than a year.


      T Minus 5 originated in 2000. Group members, all from the Ogden area, met and received vocal training at Weber State University. The group includes Jason Salmond, bass, Shawn Satterthwaite, vocal percussionist, Jeff Petersen, baritone, Jared Allen, tenor, and Karsten Longhurst, tenor. Winners of the 2001 Harmony Sweepstakes, T Minus 5 boasts its ability to entertain a crowd ages one to 92.


      �Our fans like T Minus 5 for our charisma and energy,� Longhurst said. �With our live CD, they can hear and feel that any time they want.�


      The concert will begin at 7 p.m. More information is available at www.tminus5.com.



      Contact information

      Patricia Shefield, Children�s Justice Center: (435) 634-1134, triciash@...

      Alex Boye: alex@...

      Jeff Petersen: 390-1078, Jeffrey.petersen@...

      Karsten Longhurst: 782-5037 karstenlonghurst@...

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