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Progress report re Lincoln Middle School demolition.

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  • Jim Graham
    Dear Friends: I want to share with you a thorough report I have received from my chief of staff, Fernando Rivero, on the status of the far too long delayed
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      Dear Friends: I want to share with you a thorough report I have received
      from my chief of staff, Fernando Rivero, on the status of the far too
      long delayed demolition of the Lincoln Middle School, which will make
      way for the construction of the new Lincoln Bell Educational Complex,
      something in which we will all take great pride. Lincoln, and of course
      the new complex, is located at 16th and Irving. It is fair to note that
      a promise had been made by the School system to demolish the school
      during the past year, but the work was obviously not completed. It is
      shame that the students were moved to another location, since they could
      have remained at Lincoln for this past year. But progress is being made,
      and the demolition hopefully will be begin soon.

      Bests Councilmember Jim Graham

      I typically answer emails before 9 AM on weekdays. If you email me after
      that, it is likely that you will hear from me the next weekday. If there
      is a need to communicate prior to that, you may wish to call me.

      Jim Graham, Councilmember, Ward One, 1350 Pa. Ave., NW, #406,
      Washington, DC 20004. 202-724-8181; 202-724-8109 (fax).

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      From: Rivero, Fernando (COUNCIL) [mailto:frivero@...]
      Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2003 10:30 AM

      Meeting with DC Public Schools Facilities Department, DC Department of
      Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, US Army Corps of Engineers, DC
      Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Multicultural Career Intern
      Program (MCIP)

      Tuesday August 26, 2003, 2pm in the Library at Bell Multicultural High

      Update on Elements of the Bell / Lincoln Schools Construction Project


      DC Ward One Councilman Jim Graham's Office: Fernando Rivero
      DC Public Schools Board of Education: Julie Mikuta
      DC Department of Parks & Recreation: Neil Rodgers
      DC Department of Regulatory Affairs: Christopher Flack
      DC Public Schools Facilities Department: Frank Bodsford, Lucian
      Coleman, Sarah Woodhead US Army Corps. of Engineers: Mary Gauker,
      Robert F. Hill Columbia Heights / Shaw Family Support Collaborative:
      Mirian Urquilla Bell Multicultural High School & MCIP: Maria Tukeva
      MCIP Board Members: Dick England, Doug Ormerod, Lee Rubenstein, Lew
      Rumford MCIP Staff: Kate Perryman, Robin Winer Viking Inc.: Sina


      1) Status of the Raze Permit.

      The razing of the current structure will span two months once it had
      begun. There are 12 required clearances for the permit to be issued.

      * DC Department of Public Works Vector Control Branch
      * DC Department of Public Works Public Space
      * Water and Sewers
      * Department of Health
      * Plumbing
      * Verizon
      * Washington Gas
      * Pepco
      * Historic Preservation
      * Insurance
      * Asbestos
      * Zoning

      Of these, three clearances remain to be completed.

      a) Vector Control Branch - This permit is only valid for 30
      days once issued so it is customary to acquire this only after all the
      other clearances are obtained
      b) Zoning - Mr. Flack indicated that this clearance is not
      great concern.

      c) Verizon - Flack, Bodsford and Gauker all reported that
      Verizon has been unresponsive to a request to disconnect two remaining
      phone lines due to differing opinions between DCPS and Verizon as to
      whether the lines have been properly identified. Maria Tukeva, Fernando
      Rivero, and Dick England all agreed to make calls to Verizon officials
      to urge immediate action be taken. Mr. Falk indicated that the Verizon
      clearance is absolutely necessary and that once it is granted a raze
      permit will follow within two business days.

      2) Status of the Building Permit

      Chris Flack, Program Coordinator for the DC Department of Regulatory
      Affairs provided an informative breakdown of the permit process. The
      original Bell / Lincoln plans have been in house at DCRA since August
      20, 2002 and were withdrawn by the Army Corps. of Engineers for
      revisions in November 2002. The final revised drawings were re-submitted
      to DCRA on June 9, 2003. Mr. Flack pointed out that the revised
      drawings were reconsidered from a fundamental standpoint from June 9,
      2002 onward. Since then, several preliminary and intermediate reviews
      have taken place as the plans are submitted for approval in terms of the
      following elements:

      * Electrical
      * Mechanical
      * Plumbing
      * Fire
      * Zoning
      * Structural
      * Water and Sewer
      * Public Space
      * Department of Health (for sediment control, soil
      * Elevators

      To date, only the Department of Health approval is in place. The other
      approvals are in a re-review process and Mr. Flack expressed confidence
      that the remaining approvals will be in place by September 30, 2003.
      This is based on a meeting between Mr. Flack and Mary Gauker of the Army
      Corps. of Engineers that took place on August 12, 2003 in which
      examination of remaining approvals revealed only benign issues. Mary
      Gauker indicated that she shared Mr. Flack's confidence with the
      possible exception of the Water and Sewer approval (WASA), which
      necessarily falls into place only after the other approvals are granted.
      She also indicated that Army Corps. permit expeditor Christy Whalen is
      tracking the entire approval picture. Dick England agreed to call WASA
      and urge quick action.

      The Public Space approval is also an area of concern as it requires a
      set of deposits ranging from $50,000 - $120,000. Sarah Woodhead
      indicated that DCPS is prepared to submit these deposits. Mr. Flack
      indicated that these deposits are part of a recent policy change and
      that he is requesting an exemption for this project. In the past,
      school projects have been exempted from paying the deposits.


      3) Status of the Tubman Field hydro-seeding.

      Frank Bodsford announced that the hydro-seeding of the replacement
      Tubman Field has been completed and that documents related to drainage
      and seeding mixture will be turned over to Neil Rodgers of Parks &
      Recreation within a day. Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Bodsford will inspect the
      field on August 27. Mr. Rodgers indicated that P & R is eager to see
      the Bell / Lincoln project proceed and is only concerned that the field
      on 16th be used for staging construction equipment as soon as possible
      after it is made available. An earliest date of September 8th occupancy
      for Manhattan construction was agreed upon and Robert Hill of the Army
      Corps. provided assurances that Manhattan will be informed and given a
      notice to proceed by September 8th (this is contingent on the Raze
      Permit clearances being in place by about September 3rd).

      4) Status of the MOU between DC Public Schools (DCPS) and the DC
      Department of Parks & Recreation.

      Neil Rodgers informed the meeting that the revised MOU between Parks and
      Recreation and DCPS will be quickly approved given that the field on
      16th Street is truly needed and will not lie vacant for several weeks or
      months. For Parks & Recreation, completion of the Tubman Field is the
      last step and that now seems to be done. It is expected that the MOU
      will be finally approved by August 29th. Children will begin using the
      Tubman Field around September 20th.


      5) Assuming that the Raze Permit is received by September 3rd, Robert
      Hill of the Army Corps. of Engineers will give Manhattan the Notice to
      Proceed sometime between September 4th and September 8th.


      6) Request for DCPS to inform MCIP of the payment due dates that will
      be contained in Exhibit "A."

      The aggregate of payments totaling $1,380,000 will ensure that all
      'alternate' items contained in Exhibit A will be included in the
      construction documents. Bob Hill indicated that he would acquire the
      information relating to when the money for each item in Exhibit A was
      needed and submit it to MCIP by September 2.

      7) Request for confirmation that DCPS has approved the MCIP payment

      Frank Bodsford distributed the MCIP proposal for a time schedule for the
      payments that total $3.4 million. Robert Hill of the Army Corps. was
      informed by Sarah Woodhead that payments made after the initial payment
      do not affect the scope of their work. It is expected that DCPS will
      review, with the Army Corps. of Engineers, the payment schedule for the
      items subsequent to the initial payment and report back to MCIP prior to
      the next meeting to be held on September 4th. Date summary:

      P & R and DCPS to inspect Tubman Field Wednesday, August 27,
      MOU- Parks and Recreation & DCPS Friday, August 29, 2003
      Notification of timing for MCIP payments Tuesday,
      2, 2003
      Raze Permit (pending Verizon clearance) Wednesday, September 3,
      Next progress meeting Thursday,
      4th, 2003 9:00 am @ Bell
      DCPS approval of MCIP payments Thursday,
      4th, 2003
      Notice to Proceed from the Army Corps. Friday, September 5th,
      Manhattan trailers to site Monday,
      September 8th, 2003
      Tubman Soccer Field ready for play
      September 20, 200
      Manhattan begins Lincoln demolition + or - Monday,
      22nd, 2003 *
      Final building permit available Tuesday,
      30, 2003

      * target dates

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