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Re: [ustav] The Prokimenon verse for the Sunday of the Last Judgement

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  • Daniel Olson
    ... The above verse, given in the Liturgical Calendar published by the St. John of Kronstadt Press, is incorrect. The correct verse is: Praise ye the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2001
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      On 31 Jan 2001, Fr. John Whiteford wrote:

      >Both the Jordanville "Divine Liturgy for Choir and
      >Laity" and the English Lenten Triodion have the second
      >verse of the prokimenon as the first part of Psalm
      >The Slavonic Apostle appears to have the entire verse
      >of Psalm 146:1, not just the first part (though my
      >Slavonic being what it is, I could be wrong).
      >The SJOKP calendar gives an entirely different
      >verse... and the fact that it is given in full leads
      >me to think that it was printed to provide a
      >"Let us come before His countenance with thanksgiving,
      >and with pslams let us shout in jubilation unto him."
      >What gives?

      The above verse, given in the "Liturgical Calendar" published by the St.
      John of Kronstadt Press, is incorrect. The correct verse is: "Praise ye
      the Lord, for a psalm is a good thing; let praise be sweet unto our God"
      (Psalm 146:1). This verse, given in full, is what is prescribed in both
      the Slavonic Apostol and the Velikij Sbornik.

      The Slavonic Triodion and the Typicon only provide the first half of the
      verse; but it should be understood that this is merely an abbreviation,
      which is quite common in various service books. Another example of this
      type of abbreviation is the actual prokeimenon itself, of which only the
      first half is given in these books.

      In view of the above, the verse provided in "The Divine Liturgy for Clergy
      and Laity" would appear to be incomplete. Likewise, the entry in the
      English "Lenten Triodion" appears to be incomplete.

      Daniel Olson

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