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Call for Papers Joensuu 2009

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  • psaltisuk
    Call for Papers. Papers are invited for the Third International Conference on Orthodox Church Music, Church, State and Nation in Orthodox Church Music , to be
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      Call for Papers.

      Papers are invited for the Third International Conference on Orthodox
      Church Music, "Church, State and Nation in Orthodox Church Music", to
      be held at the University of Joensuu, Finland, 8 - 14 June 2009.

      Papers should be no longer than 20 minutes in duration. Please send
      proposals to Rev. Dr Ivan Moody at ivan.moody @ joensuu.fi or Maria
      Takala-Roszczenko at mtakala @ cc.joensuu.fi by 1st February 2009.
      Abstracts should be delivered by the beginning of March 2009. Papers
      will be published as the Proceedings of the Conference.

      The Conference takes place at the University of Joensuu, Finland. The
      programme will include at least one concert, and an excursion to the
      monasteries of New Valaam and Lintula.

      Speakers at the first two conferences included:
      Ardian Ahmedaja (Albania/Austria), Nektarios Antoniou (Greece),
      Ioannis Arvanitis (Greece), Dimitry Bolgarsky (Ukraine), Achillefs
      Chaldaiakis (Greece), James Chater (UK/Netherlands), Tarja von
      Creutlein (Finland), Christiana Demetriou (Cyprus), Dimitar Dimitrov
      (Bulgaria), Bogdan Djakovic (Serbia), Alexandru-Marius Dumitrescu
      (Romania), Jeffers Englehardt (USA), Nicolae Gheorghita (Romania),
      John Graham (USA), Stefan Harkov (Bulgaria), Jopi Harri (Finland),
      Alexei Jaropolov (Russia), Oleksandr Kozarenko (Ukraine), Albina
      Kruchinina (Russia), Alexander Lingas (USA/UK), Melitina Makarovskaya
      (Russia), Ivan Moody (UK/Portugal), Petri Nykänen (Finland), Gabriela
      Ocneanu (Romania), Traian Ocneanu (Romania), Jaakko Olkinuora
      (Finland), Sara Peno (Serbia), Danica Petrovic (Serbia), Svetlana
      Poliakova (Russia/Portugal), Timo Ruottinen (Finland), Hilkka Seppala
      (Finland), Nikita Simmons (USA), Maria Takala-Roszczenko (Finland),
      Wilhelmiina Viirolainen (Finland) and Tatiana Vladishevskaya (Russia)

      More information will be posted on the ISOCM website
      (http://www.isocm.com) as it becomes available.


      The language of the conference will be English.
      Simultaneous translation into English will be provided for papers
      presented in Russian or Ukrainian.
      Translation into Russian or Ukrainian will be provided if needed, but
      must be organized in advance.

      The participation fee for the conference, which includes accommodation
      and participation in
      the programme, meals and refreshments is €250. The registered members
      of ISOCM will get a discount price of €150. Participants with limited
      income may apply for a bursary; students should supply a
      recommendation from their university.

      If you wish to participate in the conference, either by reading a
      paper or simply attending, or if you have any queries or need further
      information, please contact Ivan Moody at: ivan.moody @ joensuu.fi or
      Maria Takala-Roszczenko at mtakala @ cc.joensuu.fi, or write to:

      Maria Takala-Roszczenko / ISOCM,
      Faculty of Theology,
      University of Joensuu,
      PL 111,
      80101 Joensuu,

      In addition to e-mail you may contact Ivan Moody by telephone
      (+351 91 943 7357)


      The web page of the Department of the Orthodox Theology at the
      University of Joensuu is found at: http://www.joensuu.fi/teoltdk/ortteol/
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