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Re: [ustav] Daily services during Thomas week

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  • Kyril Jenner
    ... From: Kenneth Doll To: Sent: Monday, February 18, 2008 4:42 PM Subject: [ustav] Daily services during Thomas
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      From: "Kenneth Doll" <dollpka@...>
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      Sent: Monday, February 18, 2008 4:42 PM
      Subject: [ustav] Daily services during Thomas week

      > We will be serving daily services during Thomas week as one of own will
      > be ordained to the diaconate on Thomas Sunday.
      > A question has arisen as to whether we will need to use the daily
      > antiphons at liturgy during the week.
      > I have not had a chance to look at the menaion closely, but there is at
      > least one day that has a simple service. The days in question are
      > April 22 (Monday) through April 27 (Saturday). From what I have
      > gathered so far, if the menaion does not call for any beatitude verses,
      > the daily antiphons could/should be sung. On the other hand, the SJKP
      > book that has typikon/ustav-ish directions, indicates that there should
      > be six troparia from the Penteconstarion canon used if none from the
      > Menaion. This seems to indicate that we should use the typical psalms
      > and beatitudes every day.
      > Any thoughts?

      All the Sundays of the Pentecostarion period are effectively Great Feasts,
      with the following week being an Afterfeast period. (There are slight
      complications around Mid-Pentecost and the Samaritan Woman when two
      Afterfeasts get intertwined.) Rules for Afterfeasts apply here - Typika
      and Beatitudes daily with verses on the Beatitudes from the Canon of the
      previous Sunday (with additional verses from the Menaion when prescribed).

      > Also, Thomas Tuesday is St. George and Radonitsa. Is there anything
      > for the departed that should be incorporated into vespers, matins, or
      > liturgy for that day? We are thinking that a pannykhida after liturgy,
      > but beyond that...?

      There is nothing prescribed for Radonitsa. Some sources even prescribe
      that there should be NO pannykhida in church, just the vist to the cemetery
      after the Divine Liturgy to proclaim the Resurrection.

      Archimandrite Kyril Jenner

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