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26268Idea about singing, who will bell the cat.

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  • Seraphim Holland
    Mar 8, 2014
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      I sing okay  but most often must hear the melody before I sing it.  My memory works that way.  I cannot call up most tunes without hearing them first. This is why,  when I chant alone,  such as at the occasional  Vespers,  or weekday morning matins service,  I use my phone and listen to a little of the tone from the excellent  Tone tutor product.

      I can even sing some of the podobens if I hear them first.

      In looking at this weekend's  services,  I immediately  saw a special melody.  I may even know this melody,  but have zero chance of singing it without hearing it first.

      Here  is an idea. Somebody who knows this stuff,  and despite being a perfectionist and lover of high falooting  four part harmony,  would sing one of each stichera/troparia/irmosi/etc in the order they appear in the melody prescribed.

      For instance:

      "VESPERS,  Lord I have cried,  first sticheron  from the Octoechos,  Tone 3,la la la la la.... "

      Triodion,  Tone six,  special melody having set all your hope other things of heaven... La la la la la"

      Matins,  Tone 2, Theotokion after God is the Lord,  LA LA LA LA la"


      A good singer could knock this out in 20 minutes.  Send the mp3 to me. I will post it,  and not be the only one to use it. It does not need to be perfect!

      Lead time would be awesome.

      Even just the special melodies would be awesome.

      Who will bell the cat?

      Priest  Seraphim  Holland seraphim@...
      St Nicholas Orthodox  Church,  McKinney TX