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26264RE: [ustav] Supplicatory canon to St spy riding?

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  • Bradley Anderson
    Feb 17, 2014

      I am mostly a listener on this forum, but I too must say something.

      Everyone on this forum who might respond by providing the requested texts knows exactly what the OP meant by liturgical English, including (perhaps especially) the responder.  This list is explicitly associated with a jurisdiction where the standard liturgical English translational style is well known. 

      The list guidelines make it clear that everyone is welcome, but that courtesy should be shown towards that jurisdiction's practices.  There are other lists where one can hold forth with impunity on the dismerits of using this translational style, or one can start ones own list dedicated to the subject and attract list members, if one can.

      Nothing inflammatory was conveyed in the original post that would indicate that the OP was spoiling for a fight, so I agree with Nikita and Fr James that something is called for.  The fact that the moderator is being exceedingly gracious regarding something directed at him doesn't change the fact that letting this sort of thing go unmoderated gets in the way of respectful and helpful discourse. 

      Put differently, had someone responded that way to something I wrote, about any topic, would it have been given a pass by the moderator?  Most of us who have been on the list for years know to ignore this particular source, but if all list members are expected to do do that, then a curmudgeon list should be shared with every new member so they know who might be allowed to attack them with impunity.

      The decisions of any moderator are final, and I respect that.  But it is not inappropriate, imho, to respectfully express an opinion regarding how moderating rules are applied, even if the intent was to be personally magnanimous.

      Rdr. Edward (Brad) Anderson

      On Feb 17, 2014 8:55 AM, <starina77@...> wrote:

      I have been trying to bite my tongue on this one, but I too have failed. I agree completely with Priest James: a public apology is in order. This kind of scathing discourse is harmful and upetting to us all.

      - Nikita Simmons

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