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26259RE: [ustav] Supplicatory canon to St spy riding?

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  • jsbaglien
    Feb 16, 2014
      Monk James' posting is condescending, disrespectful, and wholly inappropriate in tone, especially when addressed by a monk to a priest (and moreover, the List's moderator).
      An apology is in order.
      Priest James

      ---In ustav@yahoogroups.com, <frjsilver@...> wrote:

      Christ is risen!  Truly risen!


      Dear Friends –


      Here, Fr Seraphim Holland implies that only *his* preferred style of English is suitable for the texts of our services.  He’s being arrogant and annoying here, and he has rather little support in the history of vernacularization, particularly among the British and especially among our contemprary Orthodox in England.


      Rather than say ‘proper liturgical English’, it would be better and much more kind of Fr Seraphim to identify the style of his preference, and just ask for that.  If he wants to antiquitize what he gets, that’s up to him – if he can do it.


      Peace and blessings to all.


      Monk James


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      Does anyone know where to get a supplicatory  canon to Spyridon,  in the Metre of the one to the Theotokos,  preferably in proper liturgical English?

      Priest  Seraphim  Holland seraphim@...
      St Nicholas Orthodox  Church,  McKinney TX

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