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25829Re: [ustav] Lazarus (Moore) Odes

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  • Silouan Philip THompson
    Jan 1, 2013
      On 1/1/13 2:58 PM, Macrina Lewis wrote:
      > My question regarding the inclusion of the archaic odes from HTM with the modern Fr. L Psalter is, why would you not just use the blue HTM Psalter for the Odes if you need them? Is there really an advantage to including them in the Fr. Lazarus Psalter?

      If I'm going to buy a liturgical Psalter to use at the cliros, then it's
      got to have the Biblical Odes in it. During Lent you need the Odes in
      order to serve daily Matins; if my Psalter were missing the Odes, then
      I'd have to have a second Psalter containing the Odes. I'd rather juggle
      as few books as possible at the cliros.

      Suggestion: If there's not a text by Fr Lazarus, then at a minimum you
      might ask some of your editing team to work over Brenton's translation,
      which is in the public domain. With some editing for accuracy and
      beauty, it's at least a starting place.

      In Christ,
      Deacon Silouan
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