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20219Re: Seeking an Akathist

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  • Sergius Miller
    Oct 3 5:22 PM
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      --- In ustav@yahoogroups.com, "njgtwo" <njg_2@...> wrote:

      Dear N.J.,

      The St. John od Kronstadt Press has an akathist to St. Joseph
      available. Try: www.sjkp.com

      Sergius Miller

      > My first post, so please forgive any mistakes
      > and other signs of ignorance. This group seems
      > to deal with subjects well beyond me at this
      > point, so I will be content to lurk for the most
      > part.
      > Me: former cradle RC, Pentecostal, New Age,
      > whatever spiritual grab-bag, but gave RC several
      > good, honest tries before finding Orthodoxy.
      > Having had a pre-existing relationship with the
      > Righteous Joseph, the Betrothed, he was a natural
      > choice as Patron when I was baptised 3 Jul 05.
      > In searching for an akathist in his honor, the
      > only one I've found is attributed to the Kyivan
      > uniates. I haven't detected anything objectionable
      > in this text, but would like feedback from the group.
      > http://hometown.aol.com/dangellbrown/
      > akathistjoseph.html
      > Is this text acceptable for use,
      > AND
      > are there other options I should look at?
      > Please, if there are uniates in the group, no
      > offense is intended. If you are here, you should
      > be smart enough to understand, at least to some
      > degree, the objection to any vatican taint.
      > Thanks.
      > -Neil Joseph
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