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20218Seeking an Akathist

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  • njgtwo
    Oct 3, 2006
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      My first post, so please forgive any mistakes
      and other signs of ignorance. This group seems
      to deal with subjects well beyond me at this
      point, so I will be content to lurk for the most

      Me: former cradle RC, Pentecostal, New Age,
      whatever spiritual grab-bag, but gave RC several
      good, honest tries before finding Orthodoxy.
      Having had a pre-existing relationship with the
      Righteous Joseph, the Betrothed, he was a natural
      choice as Patron when I was baptised 3 Jul 05.

      In searching for an akathist in his honor, the
      only one I've found is attributed to the Kyivan
      uniates. I haven't detected anything objectionable
      in this text, but would like feedback from the group.


      Is this text acceptable for use,
      are there other options I should look at?

      Please, if there are uniates in the group, no
      offense is intended. If you are here, you should
      be smart enough to understand, at least to some
      degree, the objection to any vatican taint.


      -Neil Joseph
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