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12437Re: [ustav] Re: Fathers Kontakion

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  • MM Ossorgin
    Jan 2, 2003
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      On 1/2/03 7:40 AM, "Daniel Olson" <daniel@...> wrote:

      > There seems to be some confusion over which kontakion of the Fathers should
      > be sung on the Sunday of the Holy Fathers (Sunday before the Nativity).
      > There are actually two kontakion for the Fathers. The first, in Tone 6 ("O
      > thrice blessed ones, who did not honor an image wrought by hands...") is
      > appointed to be used only when the Sunday of the Fathers falls on 18 or 19
      > December, i.e., outside of the forefestal period (by the way, this is the
      > same kontakion appointed for the Sunday of the Forefathers).
      > The second kontakion of the Fathers, in Tone 1 ("Be glad, O Bethlehem! Make
      > ready, O Ephratha...", the text of which was given above by Michael
      > Ossorgin) is appointed to be sung when the Sunday of the Fathers falls
      > during the forefeastal period (20 through 24 December). It is this kontakion
      > of the Fathers that should be sung on this coming Sunday on "Glory..." at
      > the Liturgy (and after Ode VI in Matins).
      > The kontakion of the forefeast, which is appointed to be sung on "Both
      > now...." in the Liturgy is the one in Tone 3 found in the Menaion under 23
      > December ("Today the Virgin cometh...").
      > Daniel Olson

      Thank you, Daniel Fr. John Shaw and Sergius Miller for clarifying this!

      In Christ, Michael
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