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  • Daniel Olson
    Jan 2, 2003
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      On 1/2/03 Fr. John Shaw wrote:

      >> In case some of you are preparing the service for the Sunday Before
      >> Nativity:
      >> I noticed on Fr. John's rubrics, he has (I think this is for the
      > Prophet
      >> Daniel and Three Youths), after Glory..., the:
      >> Kontakion *6: A hand-wrought image ye would not worship...
      >> Where I have:
      >> Fathers Kontakion *1 SPEC. MEL: ³THE CHOIR OF ANGELS...²
      >> Be glad, O Bethlehem!/ Make ready, O Ephratha!/ For, lo! she who
      > beareth
      >> the Lamb and great Shepherd in her womb/ doth make haste to give
      > birth./
      >> Beholding this, the God-bearing fathers are glad,// with the shepherds
      >> hymning the Virgin who giveth milk.
      > JRS: What you have is the Kondak of the Fore-feast of the Nativity:
      > that would be sung after "Both now..."
      > What Fr. John gives is that of the Holy Fathers (and also Dec. 17, St.
      > Daniel and the 3 Youths). This is sung after "Gloria", prior to "Both
      > now" and the Kondak of the Fore-feast.

      There seems to be some confusion over which kontakion of the Fathers should
      be sung on the Sunday of the Holy Fathers (Sunday before the Nativity).
      There are actually two kontakion for the Fathers. The first, in Tone 6 ("O
      thrice blessed ones, who did not honor an image wrought by hands...") is
      appointed to be used only when the Sunday of the Fathers falls on 18 or 19
      December, i.e., outside of the forefestal period (by the way, this is the
      same kontakion appointed for the Sunday of the Forefathers).

      The second kontakion of the Fathers, in Tone 1 ("Be glad, O Bethlehem! Make
      ready, O Ephratha...", the text of which was given above by Michael
      Ossorgin) is appointed to be sung when the Sunday of the Fathers falls
      during the forefeastal period (20 through 24 December). It is this kontakion
      of the Fathers that should be sung on this coming Sunday on "Glory..." at
      the Liturgy (and after Ode VI in Matins).

      The kontakion of the forefeast, which is appointed to be sung on "Both
      now...." in the Liturgy is the one in Tone 3 found in the Menaion under 23
      December ("Today the Virgin cometh...").

      Daniel Olson
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