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12421Re: [ustav] Fathers Kontakion

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  • MM Ossorgin
    Jan 1, 2003
      On 1/1/03 10:16 AM, "Fr. John R. Shaw" <vrevjrs@...> wrote:
      > JRS: What you have is the Kondak of the Fore-feast of the Nativity:
      > that would be sung after "Both now..."
      > What Fr. John gives is that of the Holy Fathers (and also Dec. 17, St.
      > Daniel and the 3 Youths). This is sung after "Gloria", prior to "Both
      > now" and the Kondak of the Fore-feast.

      Father, bless,

      Thank you, I mislabeled it as the kontakion of the fathers and copied it,
      but should have been labeled as the forefeast. Sorry, my mistake. I agree
      that the father's kontakion is in Tone 6:

      O thrice-blessed ones, who did not honor an image wrought by hands,...

      (A different translation than Fr. John's, but the same kontakion. (I got it
      from the Sunday before Nativity menaion service).

      You clarified what I should have asked:

      I show that the kontakion of the forefeast, as you explained, is:

      Fathers Kontakion *1 SPEC. MEL: ³THE CHOIR OF ANGELS...²
      Be glad, O Bethlehem!...

      And that this should be done after Now & ever...

      Fr. John has the kontakion of the forefeast (which the menaion states as the
      kontakion of the forefeast after Ode III in the 23rd service(rubrics from

      which is actually that of the feast itself.

      This is a mistake, da eil nyet?

      In Christ, Michael
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