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How's it going shipmate? I would really appreciate any photos that you could share Thanks Gladden race division 86-88 Sent from my iPad
Philip Gladden
Jun 1, 2013

remembering the falls

I took a picture of the FS 4 took the number off so it look like the 3 at purl harbor
Lawrence Wright
Jun 1, 2013

Re: She's Gone

Any one that want pictured of thr falss ingluding her going down email me
Lawrence Wright
Jun 1, 2013

Re: Have a great Memorial Day!

Dittos for me too ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
Laerence Wright
May 24, 2013

Have a great Memorial Day!

To all you Fall Dawgs....... Enjoy your Memorial weekend as we remember those shipmates who have gone on before us!
May 23, 2013


Larry like most of her early crew life on the falls was a privlege!  The Navy helped me to make the best of my Life. ________________________________ From:
james partridge
Feb 2, 2013

Proud she sirved

I am proud that the Falls served so long first as a Uss ship then as a USNS ship she did what she was built gto to utill 2008
Lawrence Wright
Jan 31, 2013

Re: History channel episode

I'll be darned. Partridge, J.S. HM3, you are listed under 3rd class petty officers in the original commissioning book that I still have. Lt. Smith was the
Jan 29, 2013

Re: History channel episode

I was a young third class HM3 and was one of the earliest members also, I typed the SOP (medical dept). I loaded the Medical IOL.  I remember her before the
james partridge
Jan 29, 2013

Re: History channel episode

Well, I wouldn't argue with you there but the usns doesn't have the budget and doesn't have the crew resources we did..... I really don't know how how they
Jan 28, 2013

Re: History channel episode

I don't know why everyone is responding to Lt. Hlavinka's comments, they where mine Mike Garvin AK2 hold captain. I was the second person to show up for duty
Jan 28, 2013

Re: History channel episode

... Falls USS Niagara Falls was a beautiful Ship. Sad but these civillians let her go big time. Although I agree that the years took its toll on her since I
Jan 27, 2013

Re: History channel episode

Lt Hlavinka is totally right on the USNS screwed up the lady, The Falls USS Niagara Falls was a beautiful Ship.  Sad but these civillians let her go big time.
james partridge
Jan 25, 2013
Jan 24, 2013

Re: patches

Thanks Ron...... I'll def watch for it Roy
Roy H
Jan 23, 2013
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