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"Brotherly Love", a U.S.S. Pegasus teaser in three parts...

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  • Ross Glenn
    Hi all, Since it occurs to me that many of the people now on this list might not have seen what s below, I m reposting it. Consider it the teaser for tomorrow
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2000
      Hi all,

      Since it occurs to me that many of the people now on this list might not
      have seen what's below, I'm reposting it. Consider it the teaser for
      tomorrow night's sim, especially as there are lots of clues in the story
      below as to what's going on... ;)

      Hope to see you there!


      Two figures moved silently down the darkened street. The taller of them,
      wiry and clearly carrying a hand weapon, took the lead, but it was equally
      clear that the one behind was the leader. Moving with swift purpose and no
      wasted motion, the shorter of the pair indicated a secondary street. The
      taller one nodded and again took the lead. Streetlights were infrequent
      along the new route, but there was enough light to show that both wore long
      hooded cloaks that both protected them against the damp of the Rihanna night
      and obscured their features.

      The secondary street led the pair into a small, open courtyard faced by
      several buildings made of the typical Rihannsu brown-grey plasticrete. A
      small statue of a long-forgotten Galae Erei'Riov graced the center of the
      courtyard and was flanked by a low marble bench. Standing near the bench
      was a second pair, both in Starfleet uniforms. Again, the shorter was
      clearly the leader, and wore the maroon of command. This man was an older
      human, somewhat heavyset, but a commanding presence. His second wore
      mustard and openly carried one of the latest generation of Starfleet pulse
      phaser pistols.

      The two in cloaks halted, the taller stepping in front of the shorter
      protectively. A faint smile was viaible under the shorter man's hood as he
      placed a hand on the taller figure's arm. "There is no danger for me here,
      t'Laron," the man said quietly, voice faintly amused. "Return to the
      Hunter. I will join you there shortly."

      The taller figure threw back her hood to reveal a hooded forehead and the
      graceful pointed ears of a Rihannsu female. She was somewhat nonplussed,
      but nodded finally. "Ie, rekkhai," she said formally. Touching an armband
      under her cloak, she was gone a moment later in a flare of crystalline green

      "Hello, Admiral," the remaining cloaked figure said, turning and addressing
      the shorter of the Starfleet officers. "You're looking well." The voice
      was slow and calm, but spoke with many emotions: irony, annoyance, anger.

      "As are you, Brian," Admiral Bill Ross replied, exasperated. "Covert
      operations clearly agree with you."

      Brian Aldur threw back his hood, revealing an annoyed expression and
      shoulder-length hair. "Unfortunately, Admiral," he replied taking a step
      forward, "I wouldn't yet know how other types of missions might agree with
      me, as I've not been given the opportunity to complete very many of them."

      Ross started to retort, then choked it back. "Very well," he said finally.
      "I probably deserved that. If it's any comfort, everything is in readiness
      for the final phase. Your old crew seems to have completely accepted the
      story about the Coronado and most of them have even stopped looking for

      Aldur nodded, his expression neutral. "Not completely unexpected. And you,
      Admiral? Did you bring me what I asked for?"

      The Admiral nodded, amused. "I did, but of course, the security of your
      mission required that he not be told anything..."

      "I understand that, Admiral," Aldur interrupted. "I will explain everything
      to him. If you would be so kind as to take me to him..."

      Ross nodded and with the sweep of one arm indicated a nearby building.
      Aldur followed the Admiral and the Starfleet security guard inside. Within
      what appeared to be a restaurant by day, a third Starfleet officer was being
      overseen by a second security guard. "All right, Admiral," this man said
      angrily standing quickly, "this has gone quite far enough." The man was
      another human, dark hair tied back in a pony tail with deep blue-black eyes,
      a hawk-like nose and a sharp line for a mouth. His motions were fluid and
      even standing, he hunched over a bit, like a jungle cat ready to spring.
      His maroon uniform was marked with three gold pips. "I demand to know
      what's going o--" Suddenly the Commander stopped, shocked, staring at Brian

      Aldur stepped forward, unable to completely keep the amused smile off his
      face and regarded the younger man fondly. "Hello, Jason," he said.
      "Welcome to ch'Rihan."

      "Brian! Dear Mithras!" the Commander exclaimed, annoyance replacing shock
      in his voice. "I should have known I had you to blame for this." Jason
      extended his palm. "Why do I have the feeling I should be saying 'Commander
      Jason Aldur, reporting as ordered' right now?"

      Brian laughed openly. "You can if you like." Brian reached out, and the
      brothers gripped forearms. "I've got a job for you, little brother."

      "Ooooo..." Jason said sarcastically, smirking. "Am I going to like this

      "Oh yes," Brian said, his own smile turning feral. "Right up your alley."

      Admiral Ross looked from one Aldur brother to the other. "Why do I have the
      feeling I just made a hideous mistake?" he asked nobody in particular.


      Brian led Jason down a confusing series of streets, back streets, and
      alleys. The two brothers moved quickly, their old camaraderie and teamwork
      returning, one advancing while the other covered and vice versa. Any
      observers that managed to catch sight of them would have marvelled at the
      way the two almost seemed to read each other's thoughts -- no words and few
      gestures were required as the two moved swiftly through the winding route.
      They finally reached a clearing just outside the city.

      Brian reached under his cloak and tapped an armband, and a small, sleek
      two-seat Rihannsu fighter decloaked before them. Jason started and shot
      Brian a questioning look. Brian ignored it. "Can you fly that?" the older
      brother asked instead.

      "I can give it the old Academy try," Jason said modestly, starting forward.
      Five minutes later, both were strapped in and the fighter was arcing into
      the stratosphere of ch'Rihan, accelerating as it went. Jason indulged
      himself with a series of aerobatic maneuvers, calmly ignoring Brian as the
      latter cleared his throat twice. "Just familiarizing myself with her, big
      brother," Jason finally said over his shoulder, with an evil smile. "Where
      we going?" he asked.

      "Assuming your little air show didn't put us too far off course," Brian
      replied, "you should find a locator beacon on course 315 at an altitude
      around 100,000 clicks." Jason nodded and put the fighter into a long climb
      toward their destination.

      Keeping one eye on the controls, Jason used the other to give his brother a
      once-over, noting the longer hair, his lack of a Starfleet uniform, and
      generally more informal bearing. Jason had always prided himself on being
      the wildest of the three Aldur siblings, but he was starting to wonder if
      that was still the case. He was feeling absolutely respectable and
      conservative, in fact, and was surprised to find that the feeling made him
      distinctly uncomfortable. "Brian, are you going to explain what's going on,
      or did you just need a highly-paid chauffuer?"

      "Patience," Brian said and tapped a control in the fighter's rear seat.
      Jason was surprised again -- his brother immediately launched into fluent
      Rihannsu, which his own combadge and translator was only just able to keep
      up with.

      "Hello Hunter, hello Hunter," Brian was saying, "Captain plus one coming
      aboard -- stand to." To Jason, he said in Federation Standard, "Keep the
      fighter at full impulse; we're going to have to do this on the move." Jason
      just nodded, trying to keep control of his emotions.

      As a result, he was able to remain outwardly calm when his suspicion was
      confirmed. The beacon led him up into low orbit of the green world to a
      Romulan Warbird! The massive starship was accelerating away from him,
      leaving orbit even as the fighter shot toward it. Above and ahead of the
      aft pylon between the wings, a lateral docking bay opened and Jason steered
      the fighter toward it. A few minutes later, the bay door was sliding shut
      behind the fighter as Jason set it down on a landing platform inside the
      ship. Brian was already unstrapping himself and climbing clear.

      Jason dropped to the deck behind him a moment later and looked around in
      amazement. The enormous bay was full of ships -- all types of ships.
      Romulan fighters and bombers shared deck space with Spectre class fighters
      and Klingon assault ships. A group of Federation Marines worked on a pair
      of Targa class assault runabouts sitting not 10 meters from the much larger
      equivalent Romulan ship, being maintained by a pair of Rihannsu technicians.
      Further on, a small group of men in cloaks appeared to be overseeing the
      loading of four white-winged fighters. Jason looked closer -- were they
      wearing swords? The entire bay was bustling with activity and talk in a
      half-dozen languages.

      Meanwhile, Brian had joined up with a female Rihannsu officer and began
      speaking quickly with her, too far away for Jason's combadge to provide a
      translation. As Brian spoke, he was stripping off the robes he had worn on
      the surface and appeared to be donning a Starfleet uniform jacket. Starting
      toward them, Jason caught only the last part of Brian's orders: "...and
      get us moving toward the rendezvous coordinates. I want to be there in
      18 hours." Seeing Jason approach, he continued in Standard. "Subcommander
      t'Laron, allow me to introduce my brother, Commander Jason Aldur. Jason,
      this is t'Laron, my XO."

      The woman nodded at Jason, and he nodded back. "Good to meet you,
      Subcommander," he said. As he did, he noted that while Brian and t'Laron
      both wore the traditional uniforms of their services, Brian's the dark grey,
      black, and maroon of Starfleet, t'Laron the silver and green of the Rihannsu
      Star Empire, both wore the same type of combadge. Silver and gold, like the
      Starfleet combadge, the similarity ended there. A center design featured
      elements of the Starfleet delta, Klingon trefoil, and Romulan eagle, as well
      as two other symbols Jason couldn't immediately identify. All five were
      encircled by a jagged line of platinum that he took for a stylized lightning
      bolt. Looking around, Jason suddenly realized that everyone in the bay
      except him was wearing the emblem.

      He turned back to Brian and t'Laron, who both watched his expression
      impassively. "t'Laron," Brian said finally, "Let's get my brother up to
      speed. He has a lot of catching up to do."



      Starbase 247 (FNS) -- Starfleet Command today confirmed that the starship
      U.S.S. Coronado, NCC-63100, was hijacked today with all hands while on a
      routine shakedown cruise near Starbase 247. Repairs to the starship, which
      was heavily damaged in the last days of the Dominion War, had only recently
      been completed and the ship was completing final shakedowns to declare her
      deep-space worthy once again. Shockingly, there are rumors that one or more
      Starfleet officers may have been involved in the hijacking. A search team
      is in the area attempting to track the renegade starship and determine the
      identidy of the hijackers.

      Coronado was carrying a shakedown crew of 63 when her distress call was
      received at 2:25pm local time. Such shakedowns are very common to test
      ship's systems when a significant repair or upgrade is completed, and can
      generally last several hours, especially when propulsion systems are being
      tested. In this case, the ship had only left the starbase fifty minutes
      before and was scheduled to conduct a separated flight test. Coronado, like
      most New Orleans class frigates, is capable of separated flight.

      Sensor logs transmitted to Starfleet Command with the distress call
      indicated that an unidentified ship transmitting a Federation identification
      signal disabled the Coronado using some form of verteron pulse. Verteron
      pulse weaponry, still considered experimental, is sometimes capable of
      completely disabling warp-capable starships by knocking warp plasma systems
      out of sync. Ships disabled using this technology are unable to engage warp
      drive without repairs; the ships' main power systems are often disrupted as

      The sensor logs showed a number of heavily-armed attackers overrunning
      Starfleet personnel on the Bridge and in the Engineering spaces of the
      starship. It was apparently clear to those evaluating the logs that the
      objective of the hijackers was to capture the ship intact. The officer
      overseeing the shakedown cruise, Lt. Commander Jessica Baker, also made it
      clear in her distress call that she did not expect to be able to hold out
      long against the invaders. Starfleet Command officials refused to provide
      details about the hijackers' races, nor were the officials willing to
      speculate about their motives.

      However, a highly-placed source inside Starfleet Command revealed that
      several of the hijackers have been identified as high-ranking Starfleet
      officers, one of them a former U.S.S. Coronado Commanding Officer. If this
      is true, it will be only the sixth time a Starfleet vessel has been hijacked
      by Starfleet officers, and the first time this has occured since the Maquis
      movement was eliminated three years ago.

      "Not knowing where this rumor started," Admiral H'lrnn, Commanding
      Starfleet's forces near Starbase 247 said, "but not liking it one bit am I.
      Resting assured that the ship recapturing we will be doing shortly. Then
      learning the true identities of these vermin we will be," he concluded.

      A three-ship squadron, being led by the U.S.S. Hunter, an Steamrunner class
      light cruiser, is currently in the area where the Coronado vanished from
      Starfleet tracking systems. Because the Coronado's warp drive was disabled,
      the hijackers would have been forced to tow her from the scene of the attack
      to another locale before attempting repairs. Starfleet hopes that this will
      make the ship easy to track and locate. Should the hijackers manage to
      reinitate the frigate's warp drive systems, it will be much more difficult
      to apprehend the hijackers.

      "If Starfleet officers being involved, court-martialing them we will be,"
      H'lrnn continued. However, he refused to speculate why Starfleet officers
      might be involved or what their exact sentences may be once they are caught.
      "Losing such a ship unacceptable," he said. He vowed that the search will
      continue over the next several weeks until the ship is located and




      U.S.S. Pegasus sims every Friday night at 11:30pm ET, channel #uss-pegasus.
      Ship's officers are strongly encouraged to arrive at least ten minutes
      early, to allow time for setup. Remember, we're on the following servers
      (try in this order):

      irc.jestertrek.com port 6667, 6668, 6669, 7000, 7001
      lsg.phix.com port 6667, 6668, 6669, 7000

      Ross Glenn aka Jester
      Captain Brian Aldur, formerly of the U.S.S. Pegasus, NCC-63847
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