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Teaser for Tuesday, December 2, 2003 -- "The Big Bad Wolf"

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  • G. Garcia
    Captain, there is an incoming message from Starfleet. It is Admiral Ta ch. All right, Slor. Put it through. Admiral Ta ch appeared on the viewscreen in
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      "Captain, there is an incoming message from Starfleet.  It is Admiral Ta'ch."

      "All right, Slor.  Put it through."

      Admiral Ta'ch appeared on the viewscreen in Poe's ready room.  "Captain, we have a problem.  We've lost contact with the Newton, a science vessel assigned to study the Strongheim Nebula.  They haven't reported to anyone in over three days.  Normally, we wouldn't be concerned, but their last log indicated that there had been a number of strange deaths among the crew."

      "Deaths, Admiral?  Of what sort?"

      "Captain Delaney wasn't specific.  But we've repeatedly asked for an update, and have received none.  You are the closest ship to the area.  I"m assigning you to head to the Strongheim Nebula immediately and check things out."

      Poe nodded.  "I understand.  We're on our way."

      "Report back as soon as possible.  Starfleet out."

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