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Pegasus Season 4 Attendance: A note

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  • G. Garcia
    As you may or may not be aware, I keep attendance records for every simmer on board Pegasus, and so far, early into Season Four, attendance has been fairly
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
      As you may or may not be aware, I keep attendance records for every simmer on board Pegasus, and so far, early into Season Four, attendance has been fairly lackluster.
      Of the 9 weeks we've attempted to hold sims, only 5 have occurred with over 75% of the crew present.  One week was cancelled due to poor attendance, and this week less than half of the crew showed up.
      It is possible that my not having spoken up much about this could be contributing to people having a very lax attitude about showing up and actually simming while present.  I hope to rectify that possibility now, through this email.
      A couple notes about attendance before I continue, to clarify things:
      -- Missing a sim due to computer problems is not counted as an absence or as being present ... it is simply noted as such.
      -- Being present in a room, but idling, not involving yourself in the sim, or missing over half the sim for whatever reason does not qualify as being present.  Being "present" involves actual roleplaying.  We don't need people just in the chat room; we need people having their character interacting with others.
      -- Leaving early or arriving late is noted, and while not counted as an absence, an excessive number of these is bad.  However, arriving so late that you have missed half the sim, or leaving so early that you miss half of a normal 90-minute span is not being "present", it is an absence.
      -- There is a difference between explained and unannounced absences.  Currently, one Pegasus crewmember has three unannounced absences.  These are ones where the person simply blew off the sim, offering no explanation either before OR after the sim occurred, and where an explanation STILL has not been received.  An excessive number of these (read as: three or more) is ample reason for removal from the sim, because it shows a clear lack of either concern or interest.  It's also disrespectful to all the simmers, some of whom may have had a sim cancelled due to poor attendance because of people like this. 
      Having 3 or more "explained" absences is not a reason for removal.  I do consider an absence rate of 50% of total sims held to be such a reason.  And currently, the threshold is 33% absence rate for holding an important position like a Department Head, or having a episode focus on your character.
      Which brings me to the crux of this email ... it's time to start cracking down.  At the sim on November 18, 2003 -- 7 weeks from now -- I will tabulate absence rates once again and take action as I feel appropriate.  At that time, 16 sims will have occurred.  If you have 9 or more absences, you can consider it a high possibility that you will be asked to find somewhere else to sim.
      I realize there are sometimes problems that pop up, like real life, or power outages, or internet connection problems.  If this is going to occur for an extended period, as in Aurelian's case, it is best to simply request a Leave of Absence.  While on LOA, you are not charged with "absences" in the general sense of the word.  The reason for this is when it's done ahead of time, it lets me take necessary action to ensure the sim can get along while you are unavailable. 
      Out of 16 sims, 6 absences (over 33%) is a pretty high amount.  If you have this many absences that are not the result of something LOA-worthy like internt problems, chances are that you may not really have the proper amount of time necessary to devote to being a department head on this sim.  Department Heads are often relied upon for upcoming plots, and having many of them be absent is detrimental to the sim.  In many cases, Department Heads have underlings with better attendance and this is unfair to them.
      Out of 16 sims, missing 9 (over 50%) is an extreme amount.  If you aren't here for half of the sims, chances are your character has had very little development or interaction with others, and a Department Head position is definitely out of the question.  But it may also be a sign that you do not really have time to sim at all, or aren't really interested in putting in the time.
      This sim is not going to stay afloat with many more weeks of 50% attendance rate.  Let's see what we can do about turning that trend around.
      CO, USS Pegasus
      Below are a list of simmers and their current absence rates.  Department Heads are listed in the first paragraph.  (Note: a "partial" is either a late arrival or early departure.  They are not counted as absences.)
      Aurelian (First Officer) -- 0 absences (5 missed weeks LOA)
      Hawk (Chief Science) -- 3 absences (1 unannounced), 1 "partial"
      Catherine (Counselor) -- 3 absences (2 unannounced), 1 Computer Problem absence
      Warp (Chief Engineer) -- 4 absences, 1 "partial"
      Firefox (Conn) -- 4 absences (1 unannounced)
      Finster (CMO) -- 2 absences (1 unannounced)
      Kishi (Chief Tac) -- 1 absence
      Raven (Asst. Med) -- 2 absences
      Kalsar (Civilian) -- 2 absences, 2 "partials"
      McFarlane (Asst. Eng) -- 1 Computer Problem absence
      Prax (Bridge Officer) -- 3 absences (1 unannounced)
      Travis (Asst. Tac) -- 4 absences (3 unannounced)

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