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  • Jeff Joyner
    The Official Newsletter of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance Issue 72 This weekly newsletter is complimentary from the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA) and is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2003
      The Official Newsletter
      of the

               This weekly newsletter is complimentary from the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA) and is intended to keep you, the SLA officer, informed of what is taking place in the SLA universe.
      Information contained herein is compiled from dedicated simmers like you who volunteer their time to submit information and sim summaries for publication in the SLA Weekly. If you wish to be removed from this mailing, please contact your commanding officer. If you would like to submit information to the Weekly or have questions about this weekly please contact us at


      For some reason I couldn't remove the Cassini's black background that it was sent to me in... odd, so it is here with white on black, sorry!

      Jean-Luc Morimame
      Editor, SLA Weekly
      Fleet Status Chair


      No current news!

      USS Cassini - NCC 74757
      Mission Briefing for April 20th, 2003

      Starfleet Intellegence - Incident Report
      Filed By: Ensign A. Dorn - Assist. Chief of Operations, USS Cassini

               Fleet Captain Kathryn E. Arroway beamed down to Ferenginar at 1530 hours (Ship Time) with two armed escorts, Lieutenant Zachary McCasland and Lieutenant Rollins (temporary assignment to the Cassini,). Commander Dennis Krenik (temporary assignment to the Cassini) was left on bridgewatch as Commander Pamela Kyle, the Executive Officer was assigned to covert operations (details to follow in After-Operations report).
               At 1600 hours, I responded to an emergency call from Lieutenant McCasland, ordering an immediate beamout of the Captain and her team. However, only Lieutenant Rollins and Lieutenant McCasland were successfully beamed aboard, as the Captain's commbadge was recovered, but not the Captain. A medical emergency was called, and Lieutenant Rollins was transported to sickbay, the victim of a strong sedative. Lab results of sedative found to be paralyzing agent found commonly in use within the Traiuian sphere of influence.
               At this time, Commander Rollins revealed that he was in fact Lord Admiral Robert Shen, the Cassini's third in command. Admiral Shen then proceded to take the Endurance, the Cassini's only slipstream capable support craft. Also along was Ensign Jamie Kitsvanpatrick, a shuttle pilot. No contact has been made with Lord Admiral Shen since his departure at 1610 hours. Lieutenant Commander Jonathon R. Greeley was left in command. Commander Greeley called for the recall of the covert ops team and at 1745 hours, Commander Pamela Kyle resumed command of the Cassini.
               Commander Kyle authorized the recovery of a corpse of one of the team that managed to abduct the Captain. We were informed that Lieutenant McCasland had him in custody when he committed suicide via unknown poison. Autopsy results still pending - when completed will be attached to report.
               Tracking beacon was inconclusive due to slipstream travel until 1820 hours, when it appeared within Traiuian space. Ten minutes later, the contact ceased. The Endurance has not been heard from since it's departure, and the nature of slipstream takes it easilly out of sensor range.

      End of Report


      NCC 75011
      Stardates 100304.6 & 100304.13

           The Lionheart still could not contact nor scans reveal those of the crew who were mysteriously removed from the ship.  Captain Abernathy, concerned, ordered Lt. Sporak to assemble an Away Team to find those who had disappeared.
           In the meantime, Commander Rheyan was desperately trying to communicate with the creatures who looked like bears.  Lt. Zac Kuhns tried every trick he knew to enhance his tricorder to get a basis for their language.  The Cadets were extremely fearful and Dr. Anderson had her hands full trying to calm them.  Just when all seemed hopeless, the Bears spoke in a number of different languages.  Finally, the lead Bear started to speak in standard English introducing his race as the Ropans.  How amazing!  They only wanted to learn and share knowledge.  Quickly they released Vect and Bompansari from against the wall and allowed Zac to go to the surface to contact the ship.  It seems they were as curious about us as we were about them.  For fear of being harmed, they tele-transported the crew themselves.  They seem to have extraordinary mental powers.  Lt. Sporak just then appeared with his two assault teams.  Vect quickly explained to Sporak what had occurred.  It was a delicate few moments; the bears showing signs of defensive posture.  In the end, they agreed to sending a representative of their own to our ship to learn our ways and Captain Abernathy along with Lt. Desbris and others came to the planet to meet and exchange knowledge.


      NCC 75011
      Stardate 100304.20

                The USS Lionheart crew was given the honor of being a part of the USS Gates, commanded by Commander Robert Paulson, shakedown cruise.  The USS Gates is a new prototype exploration vessel...one of a kind.  The Leo's crew seemed to have some silent reservations as they listened to Commander Paulson's arrogant speech prior to embarking on the cruise.

                Upon entering the Bridge of the Gates, Paulson stated that all unnecessary systems had been eliminated.  The Gates did not have science labs, weapons, or extensive cargo facilities.  This brought a number of questions to the Leo's crew's minds.  When asked what kind of scanners were aboard, Commander Paulson seemed unable to answer.  This brought more questions.  Lt. Kuhns was relentless in asking questions the Captain could not answer.  With most systems removed, what kind of scout vessel could this be?  Commander Rheyan asked Zac to keep an eye on the "science" section...just in case.

                The Gates' Commander gave the word for maximum speed.  Immediately the Gates zoomed to 9.999999...  This was quite amazing.  All of a sudden the Rages rocks violently throwing people around like ragdolls.  Commander Paulson screamed has he was tossed.  Lt. Daniels, at the "science" station was knocked out, and the XO, Parik, was injured. A hull breach was also detected.  Immediately the Leo's crew went into action.  Dr. Anderson began caring for the injured.  Ren, very carefully, put Commander Paulson out of his misery.  Zac took over scans.  Lt. Desbris went to work on the hull breach and then took over the helm.  It seemed that something got through the shielding into the Nav Deflector Array and struck the starboard warp nacelle causing it to rupture.  The ship was now stuck in warp speed with no way to slow it down and not enough energy to return to earth.  Captain Abernathy ordered the ship be turned back toward earth.  As the Gates increased in speed the integrity of the ship began to drop.  CmdrRheyan sent out a message to Starfleet notifying them of the situation as well as an SOS on all bandwidths.

                Quickly, Zac came up with a plan to split apart atoms of dilithium to give the necessary power to get home.  He quickly worked at splitting the dilithium atoms as Lt. Ren jettison the other nacelle at the last possible moment.  Gravity was temporarily lost. 

                A ship, the Crazy Horse, received our distress call and asked if they could be of assistance.  Captain Abernathy was then informed that the Crazy Horse had no commissioned officers aboard.  It was on a training voyage to Pluto.  How we could have gone from bad to worse was hard to imagine...but we did.

                Captain Abernathy ordered the Crazy Horse to transport all personnel from the Gates to their ship.  A shaky cadet acknowledged.  As the Gates began to slow down its speed, the Crazy Horse began transporting the crew.  Just as the last of the crew were boarded, the Gates was destroyed by the Starbase.


      NCC 75011
      Stardate 100304.27

                The Lionheart was in route to Vulcan for some R & R.  The crew was anxiously looking forward for some time off from duties.  They had been on one difficult mission after another and it was time for some personal time.

                Upon arriving in Vulcan space, Lt. Moody hailed the Vulcans.  The greeting we received was not the standard one which caused Lt. Sporak some concern.  He addressed this and was told the Vulcans were having some difficulties with their security system.  It seems something was setting it off and they were at a lost to explain it.  Nonetheless, we were cordially welcomed.

                Once orbit was established, the first of the shore leave personnel was beamed down.  However, Dr. Mina Anderson did not materialize with the others.  All scans of the ship and immediate area revealed nothing.  The Vulcan High Command was notified.  They immediately began a scan of their own.  Lt. Kuhns, who had requested to remain aboard and join a later shore leave personnel, discovered something unusual.  Possible emissions from a cloaked ship.  The data was not precise enough to come to a conclusion.  He continues to work on clarifying these scanned emissions.  Lt. Sporak, Lt. Ren, and Lt. Desbris immediately began scanning for our doctor as well.

                Just then Captain Abernathy entered the Bridge.  To his chagrin, Commander Rheyan told him that Dr. Anderson had disappeared...

      to be continued....    


      USS Mercutio
      Sim Summary

          Lieutenant Commander Crow called a staff meeting in her ready room to  discuss the problems plaguing the ship.  The departments gave their insights onto the problems of both the mines and the guests onboard.  Security virtually begged to be allowed to exit the meeting early and interrogate the prisoner but Commander Crow held them there.

      Meanwhile, Iar sat in sickbay brooding and plotting her revenge on the Magistrate who remained down in the brig.  Unable to take it anymore, she left sickbay and went down to the brig, and pulled rank with a poor ensign who was left on guard.  More afraid of his boss than the potential Commander he covertly sent a message to Crow as Iar and the Magistrate dickered.  Lt. Crow's ASO Tiff, was set down where she interupted the meeting and with the assistance of the young ensign they held Iar distracted until Lt. Crow could arrive and strip Iar of her rank, ordering her arrest.  He had made his choice, believeing the woman he had married over a woman who claimed he'd left her behind. 

      On a happy note, Lieutenant Commander Edra Crow was promoted to full Commander and the entire Mercutio wishes our congratulations again to such an integral member of our cast.  Great job Edra!


      The Mercutio was still in orbit around Mordicus. The doppleganger for Edra Crow, claiming to still be Iar, was in sickbay being questioned by the Lt. Commander and Lt. Henry Crow.   They tried to find out who she is and where she came from.   She was clearly confused, which could be understood given that this is a new ship.

      The Away Team, led by Lt. Tif  stayed on the planet¬ís surfaceand tried to investigate the cause of the explosions.  Then suddenly the sinister Magistrate from that mysterious world appeared in the mine, and seemed as cocky as ever.  Could his appearance be tied with the Edra double, or was this some galactic coincedence?  Crow was called down to the mines and engaged the Magistrate in a brawl, eventually overcoming him and bringing him back to the Mercutio.  The Magistrate is now doing his scheming from the other side of a brig cell. 

      Once aware of his presence, Iar wanted a showdown with him, to pay him back for past indiscretions but Crow would not allow it, simply promising her shot at vengeance down the line.

      Meanwhile, the Captain remained in her meeting with Starfleet Brass, unaware of the troubles surrounding her new ship and her beloved crew.  The question is...will there be a ship and crew to return to?


      USS Potemkin
      Sim Summary
      By Warp

             The crew of the Potemkin beamed down to the planet Smi IV to conduct surveys on the planet's geography and ecosystems. Soon after beaming down, however, both away teams lost communications and the sky began to darken.
             A storm was approaching, reported to be similar to an ion storm. A shuttlecraft lost communications with the teams and the ship during the storm. Its condition is unknown.
             The away teams both found shelter inside of a network of caves. The teams stumbled upon each other despite having entered the caves more than eight kilometers from one another. One was guided by a large cat-like creature brought into the service of the team by tactical officer Cassandra Nova.
             The teams now must survive the dangerous storms and find their way back to the ship -- provided the ship did not leave orbit to escape the storm


      USS Avenger
      "Shakedown Breakdown"
      Angelica Laedra Smith

             The Avenger is a newest vessel within Starfleet's arsenal.  Its crew is the Special Forces . . . the best and the brightest, assigned the missions that are deemed too dangerous for other crews.
             However, before any missions can be assigned to the crew, a series of tests are required of the Avenger's systems in the form of a shakedown cruise.
             The initial results proved to be very promising.  All systems seemed to be performing with flying colors, including the cloaking device.  Then, with the test of the experimental blink drive, everything seemed to hit the fan.
             The Avenger was thrust into an asteroid field with engines, shields, and sensors down.  To top it all off, one set of sensors was brought back online just in time for the crew to witness an asteroid impact with the hull, creating a breach.
             Now, with time working against them and another asteroid on a direct collision course, the crew of the Avenger is struggling to find a way to avoid and early and untimely demise . . .


       "Archaic Pursuits"
      Sim Summary
      by Captain Wulfe
      Stardate: 0304.27

           The Federation Science Council, in union with the Bajoran Ministry of History and the Trill Historical Society, hosted an array of artifacts and relics from various sectors of the Alpha and Beta quadrants aboard Starbase 27. As the event drew scientists, archeologists and other experts from around the Trivas System, Security and Tacticacl were on high alert and the items were on display in a secured area of the Promenade.
             As an unregistered transport approached the station, the Ferengi Zeg -- owner of Zeg's Provisions -- dropped something from his ear in the secured area that later exploded. Next, Ferengi commandoes beamed into Ops and the Promenade. As Security and other personnel repelled the intruders, the Ferengi attached a portable transport device to a large stone pillar -- when it activated, it beamed away the relic, as well as Counselor Wulfe, Lieutenant T'Eram and Glin Zuket.
             The transport fled, with the prisoners locked in its hold, as the remaining Ferengi intruders were rounded up and placed in the Brig.
             And a welcome aboard to Ensign Maya Alidar, our new assistant science officer!


       "It Must Be Bunnies"
      USS Faranth

      The Easter Bunny in space?  Man, those Energizers can push anything out of the atmosphere it seems.  The crew was roused from their peaceful dreams by a loud speaker announcement from the Captain, "Get dressed and get to the crew lounge ASAP."  It seems that ASAP is a wee bit longer than expected.  I do believe most of the people are not morning people, even without a sun before them.

      The crew assembled as ordered, though it was their day off so to speak.  Imagine their collective surprise to see the captain standing next to a giante bunny rabbit...floppy ears and all!!  Did I mention that it also talked?  Crewmembers desperately searched for caffeine or other methods of waking up, while someone even shot the bunny with a phaser.  How wude!  Anyway, back to the tale (no pun inteded) at hand.

      The bunny was hear to torture us, I am sure of it.  Easter egg hunting was on his agenda.  Easter eggs, in space...about as perposterous as a talking, 6 foot tall white rabbit.  But, I digress.  It seems we are to spend the morning hunting easter eggs...with a twist.  If not hunting for little pieces of chocolate in an plastic egg was not bad enough, not to mention the millions of hiding places on a ship, he had to add insult to injury by giving us picture clues to follow...leading us to our next torture test (easter egg).  We were to do this til we found 5 eggs.  Each crewmember has different clues and different eggs to search for.  The crewmember who finds all five eggs and makes it back to the lounge first, wins.  Win something.

      So we all set out to find our eggs, the Captain as well.  I swear, the Easter Bunny is some demented artist who has seen too many Rorshoch prints.  Most of the crew found their first eggs quite easily.  But, that is when it got really interesting.  You see, the first eggs had some chocolate in them...to give us all sugar rushes and keep us going.  The drawings in each egg got a little worse or complicated as time moved on.  Some even had riddles along with pictures. 

      Cdr Persun spent some time trying to figure out the bunny, instead of the eggs.  Jaina found a store of coffee beans in the cargo bay and stayed there for quite some time inhaling the java's aroma.  Aeryn Sun spent some time in the toilet (don't ask).  Ensign Teruvian seems to have a stuffed cow on his bed.  Jaina, had men's clothing in her closet.  Morimame was working on rabbit stew.  Iar got down and dirty in the Jeffries tubes.

      One by one, they found their eggs in the most unusual places...one egg even required a space walk to the ships letters to find the egg.  But, they all managed to find the eggs..all of them.  It was a mad dash to the finish line, but Aeryn made it back first..just barely.  Iar was close on her heels.  It seems that all of their hard work garnered them more chocolate.  The higher they placed, the more chocolate they got!

      Aeryn, whom one, decided to get even.  She shot the bunny and removed one of its floppy ears.  But to her surprise, the ear returned, just as floppy as ever.

      Tune in next week.  We should be finishing the story arc about mutant tribbles.



             Subscription to the SLA Weekly is complimentary to all members of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance.  If you wish to discontinue receiving the SLA Weekly, please e-mail your Commanding Officer.

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