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[post] One last Tango?

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  • Christian Fisher
    This story is a joint work by the behind Doctor Betencourt and Counselor Asher. These events take place in the small amount of time between the episodes
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2003

      This story is a joint work by the behind Doctor Betencourt and Counselor Asher.  These events take place in the small amount of time between the episodes "And-a One, And-a Two" and "Faith".


      The Counselor was grateful when she saw the Ambassador was escorted out of the holo suite and back to Quark's.  She recalled the Captain telling her that she could enjoy her shore leave or what remained of it after Falow was taken care of.


      Catherine quickly exited from the program and left the bar making her way to a nearby tailor shop she knew well.  In less then twenty minutes she reemerged on the Promenade in a deep violet just above knee length dress and black heels.  She had her uniform sent to the ship in favor of only carrying the small matching jacket as she walked back to the bar.  Her plan had been to find Alexei and have a nice dinner, however she discovered he was still away on the mission that had called him away in the middle of the dance lessons.


      With a shrug she deciding this was not an opportunity she was going to miss and she entered Quark's to spend some time relaxing.





      Marcus sipped at his tulaberry wine, as he sat at the bar.  He had asked Quark for something a betazoid would drink and this was all he had to offer.  It was quite good actually, but a little fruity for his taste.  He longed for just a glass of real merlot.  The replicators simply couldn�t do it justice.  You bloody fool.  Why do this to yourself? he thought.  The longing for a good wine always meant he was in over his head with something and wished he could escape it.


                  Oh you escaped it all right, Marcus.  The only person that seems to know your more than a uniform and you walked right out on her.  Nice job, you silly git.  He shook his head as he sipped at the wine some more.  He looked around to try and think about something else, but everywhere he looked, he couldn�t help but notice the dancing.  They had danced, he and Marzia.  She had been closer to him than ever before.  Her face had been just inches from�.  No damn it.  She�s Radimir�s.  She said so herself.  He sipped at the glass again, but was disappointed to find he�d already finished it.  He motioned for to Quark to come refill his glass.


                  The ferengi poured slowly and never looked at the glass as he did so; his eyes on Marcus the whole time.  It�s a woman, isn�t it?  You Starfleet types never have more than one unless there�s a woman involved.  Quark finished pouring and set the wine bottle aside as a wide, toothy grin began to inch across his face.  You know, I�ve some lovely holo suite programs that could make you forget�� Marcus raised his hand in front of the ferengi�s face.  His face took on the look of stone.


                  The wine will be more than enough, thank you,� his Londoner accent was thick.  Thicker than usual, as often happened when something was bothering him.  Now if I could be left alone�� Quark cut him off by placing the wine bottle in front of him, just loud enough to startle him.


                  Of course, Ensign,� the ferengi replied acidly.  I�ll leave this with you.  You seem to need it.  As he walked away from Marcus, he shouted over his shoulder, �I�ll just put it on your ships account.  Marcus shuddered.  He�d grown quite used to being able to sense things from those around him, but for some reason ferengi seemed immune to his abilities.  It made him rather uncomfortable.  I�ll have to ask Marzia about�  Marcus stopped cold as he turned from the bar.  Something, or someone, rather, had caught his eye.


      As Catherine stepped through the threshold her face dropped. Marcus sat right at the bar and of course she made eye contact instantly.  She stood there a moment not sure whether to stay or go.  {{Do you want me to go someplace else?}} She asked him softly letting him decide.


      Marcus shook his head and sighed.  {{No need for that.}}  Wonderful.  You�ve bloody well made her uncomfortable, now.  As he mentally chided himself, he turned to the bar and noticed the bottle of wine.  For a moment he was tempted to go ahead and finish it off, but decided that it was no way for a Starfleet officer in his formal uniform to behave.


                  Catherine took that as an okay to stay.  Strolling past the dabo tables she took a seat at one of the quietest and most out of the way tables in Quark�s.  What am I doing? First the trouble with Cerin and now this.  Catherine waved to the waitress and ordered her favorite Umbetine wine, knowing full well that Quark always carried a small supply of the rare Betazoid wine for his favorite customers.  Setting her jacket in the empty chair beside her she couldn�t help but look up to the bar. 


                  Catherine didn�t need to be Betazoid to sense that he was now uneasy about her.  The tango had been a rather �intense dance.  He was surprisingly a good dance partner, better than she had expected.  But there was something unusual about the way he took pleasure in showing off to the Ambassador and the others.  He was sitting there with his back to her, but she could see the bottle of something he was finishing off.  Catherine took a sip of her ocean blue wine before she called out to him.  She wanted to talk with him, but she couldn�t exactly put into words why.


                  {{Marcus, will you come join me at the table?}}  She watched him waiting for him to turn around and come over, or at the very least answer her.


                  Marcus� spine froze.  Here it comes.  She�ll want to do something to put distance between us.  No more lessons.  No more friendly chats over meals.  No more friendship.  You blew it.  He slowly rose from his heat and took a step toward her.  For a moment he looked back at his seat, contemplating the wine.  He shrugged, reaching for the bottle.  Might as well.  Have to pay for it anyway.  Besides, you�ll probably need it later.  He replaced the cork that Quark had left alongside the bottle and tucked it under his arm.


                  He didn�t have to look for where she�d sat down.  He knew where�d she�d be.  He�d have known even without being able to sense her.  She was tucked back beyond the dabo tables.  Somewhere where she could see him, but unless he knew where she was, he�d never see her.  Maybe you�re not through after all, my friend.  Marcus�s face assumed a warm smile and he made his way toward her.  He pulled out a chair and sat across from her �Marzia, I�m sorry for making you uncomfortable but I�


      Catherine interrupted him placing her hand on his, "Marcus I am not uncomfortable... just confused.  But please continue."  Catherine looked to him, waiting patiently for some clue to help her reveal what's been happening.


      Marcus swallowed hard and closed his eyes as she touched him.  He took a few deep breaths and prepared to tell her how he really felt.  Marzia. I felt very alone when I arrived on the Pegasus.  Being around so many people and knowing how they felt all the time, made me wish someone could know how I feel.  Would care how I feel.  When you started teaching me about my telepathic abilities, it wash like a dream was coming true.  Not only could you feel my emotions�you seemed to care.  It was wonderful at first, but again I find I have to hide my feelings�even from you.  He turned his hand up to grasp hers.  Marzia�


      The chirp of his com badge cut off Marcus� words.  It was the Captain�s voice.  Doctor, we need you in sickbay now.  It�s an emergency.  And if you see Counselor Asher, tell her I�m sorry but I need her here too.


      Marcus released her hand to tap his com badge.  Aye, sir.  I�ll be there in a ten minutes.  He looked up at her with warm eyes.  Marzia�. I.� again the Captain�s voice interceded.


      I expect you in less than five, Doctor.


                  Again Marcus sighed.  Well.  You heard the man.  See you in sickbay.  He rose from his chair and left the room as quickly as possible.  To say anymore would not help him to be calm for whatever emergency awaited him in sickbay.  Once again, his feelings would have to wait.



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