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Teaser for Saturday, November 2, 2002 -- "Historic", Part 2

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  • Heiwa
    Two weeks ago For the Federation News Service, I m Melanie Maddox. Yesterday, Kaiyama Enterprises was dealt a hat trick of blows on various fronts as
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      Two weeks ago
      "For the Federation News Service, I'm Melanie Maddox.  Yesterday, Kaiyama Enterprises was dealt a hat trick of blows on various fronts as powerful CEO Amaterasu Kaiyama's efforts to control the Alpha Quadrant seemed to fall apart."

      "The most interesting news is the recent reversal by Councillor Seth Aristade, Centaurian ambassador to the Federation, of his previously announced decision to retire and endorse Kaiyama for his post.  At a news conference, Councillor Aristade stated that the health reasons he had referred to in his prior declaration of intent to step down had been cleared up by a miraculous new treatment, and without giving details, said that he had an unusual benefactor to thank."

      "As a result, Councillor Aristade said he intends to serve the remaining 18 months of his term.  By Centaurian law, the ruling council of Alpha Centauri is required to reconfirm their representatives to the Federation every 6 years.  Councillor Aristade has already served over 4 of those 6 years."

      "In news on the Rigellian front, the widow of former Councillor Mylo Paneril implicated frontrunner candidate Alsathi Chesar in the death of her husband.  As previously reported, autopsy confirmed Councillor Paneril had died of natural causes, but Lady Paneril disputed that charge.  She also joined scores of community organizations opposed to Chesar's close business connections with members believed to be in the Orion Syndicate and with Kaiyama Enterprises itself.  Chesar has denied that any of her business contacts have any connections to the Orion Syndicate.  The friendship between Chesar and CEO Kaiyama is well-documented, and it was widely thought that both women ending up on the Federation Council would give Kaiyama a base upon which to build a wide-reaching and powerful faction."

      "Sources on Rigel indicate that Lady Paneril is considering throwing her hat in the ring for the position of Rigellian representative to the Federation Council.  Other names mentioned are prominent southern continent governor Prax Dyiesedril and Evan Kessler Amadour, one time Federation Diplomatic Corpsman and now a prominent community leader."

      "In final news, Grand Nagus Rom of Ferenginar has filed charges against Kaiyama Enterprises in Ferengi court, accusing the business and its leaders of engaging in an elaborate scam designed to drive several Ferengi insurance syndicates out of business.  Just a few months ago, Kaiyama Enterprises acquired two of the five largest insurers on Ferenginar -- Exchequer Guarantees and Latinum River, Inc.  A third, Profit Prospect Analyses, recently declared bankruptcy and turned over operations to the Grand Nagus' government.  My attempts at learning the details of the lawsuit were fruitless because I -- and this is a quote -- "wore too many clothes."

      "All in all, an interesting week in Federation politics, and one that seems to have dealt Kaiyama Enterprises' CEO a serious setback.  It remains to be seen whether she can bounce back from this --"

      Amaterasu Kaiyama threw a paperweight from her desk at the viewscreen, choosing to shut it off by way of destroying the entire unit.  She turned to D'Thon, suddenly looking much calmer.

      Her blue-skinned assistant said, "Do not let her aspersions upset you."  Before Amaterasu could reply, he added, "I know you do, Madam."

      "Then you know what needs to be done about it.  Start preparations immediately."  Amaterasu turned in her chair, apparently thinking about something.  "Oh, and --"

      "I will summon her at once.  You think she has something to do with this."

      "I know she does.  It will be your job to find out what."

      "She's a trained doctor.  She's become adept at avoiding my mental probes."

      Amaterasu turned back around and smiled at her assistant.  "Surely my little sister is a problem you can handle, D'Thon.  If she's not, then I have seriously overestimated your usefulness to me."

      D'Thon bowed and exited the room.  Only once his back was to Kaiyama did his face register a certain degree of anger ... and then it was gone.

      Kaiyama's desk computer beeped quietly, and she pressed a button.  A contact within Starfleet -- one that she didn't hear from often -- appeared on screen.  "I don't usually contact you this way, or in this manner, but I thought you might want to know what I know."

      "I will, if it's important news," Kaiyama said bluntly.

      "It's about Pegasus.  The ship has been reassigned to Breen space to investigate the destruction of another ship in orbit of what seems to be a fairly nondescript and unimportant planet.  In fact, the only notable thing about this planet is --"

      "Pardon me, commander.  Has the Pegasus been destroyed, or is it about to be by the Breen?"

      The officer frowned.  "Not likely.  The Pegasus has backup."

      "Then go away.  I've had a bad day.  Right now, the only news I want to hear about Pegasus is that she's been destroyed with all hands aboard, or that her captain or first officer or chief engineer has died a horrible death."  Kaiyama pushed a button, ending the call.



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