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Teaser for Saturday, November 3, 2001 -- "The Kai", Part Two

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  • Heiwa
    ====================== MEANWHILE, BACK IN THE ALPHA QUADRANT ... ====================== Deep Space Nine, this is Commander Radimir of the USS Pegasus. Has
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      "Deep Space Nine, this is Commander Radimir of the USS Pegasus. Has the shuttlecraft exited from your side of the wormhole again?"

      "Negative, Commander. Are--aren't they back in the Gamma Quadrant?"

      "No, they are not." Alexei Radimir gave science officer Darrien Hawk a look. Hawk shook his head. "We stopped receiving telemmetry from St. Lawrence about seven minutes ago." Radimir turned to face Ensign K'Lar, sitting at the helm. "Set a course for the wormhole. We're going in."


      Two minutes later, Pegasus exited the Bajoran wormhole -- otherwise known as the Celestial Temple of the Prophets -- and found itself nearby Federation starbase Deep Space Nine.

      "No St. Lawrence," Gargon observed from Operations.Radimir opened a channel to DS9 again. "Ops, this is Commander Radimir again. We cannot find any sign of our shuttle, nor of the four crewmen aboard it. How does a shuttle disappear from within a wormhole that is only two-way?"

      A female voice, not the voice of the usual Operations manager, replied. "Commander, this is Colonel Kira. It's two-way all right, but the destination isn't always the Gamma Quadrant."

      Radimir frowned. "Want to run that by me again?"

      A slight pause. "I think we'd better talk, Commander. There's something you need to know about, and you might as well hear a first-hand account."

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