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  • CptFarrell@aol.com
    For those keeping an eye on the Pegasus website, you ll note a number of changes and updates have been made over the last few weeks, the summary of which is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2001
      For those keeping an eye on the Pegasus website, you'll note a number
      of changes and updates have been made over the last few weeks, the
      summary of which is below. Overall, the page has transitioned to V1
      as it's now the official Pegasus website. However, some content is
      still being moved from the old to the new, so keep the Jestertrek URL
      a wee bit longer.

      (Updates as of 4/1)

      o Added more specific page for the ENGINEERING department page. (If
      anyone wants to create content for their own department, feel free to
      toss it off to me :) ) It's basically just a little out-of-character
      stuff plus some neat in-character talk too.

      o Patched the main page's introduction so it reads better.

      o Fixed defective link to the FSG website; it should be correct now.

      o Created new GAME PLAY portion of site; this section now includes
      MULTIMEDIA, the Pegasus Simming Manual, and any other miscellaneous
      pages related to simming in general.

      o Extended LORASON sensor ranges slightly to account for Borg
      Enhancements in both the SPECS and TECHNOLOGY pages. (Kept existing
      figures as "without enhancements" values) Also added its jettison
      feature to the TECHNOLOGY page.

      o Updated DEPARTMENT pages:
      - COMMAND page (I'll need Mr. Radimir's bio ASAP; also, H,
      can you confirm the chain of command I've posted there?)
      - BRIDGE page (Mr. Tomlinson's first name and rank now
      appear :) )
      - ENGINEERING page (added Cadet Rice to the roster.)
      - TACTICAL page (Funny, Tem was already in there as a Lt.
      SG... ;) )
      - SCIENCE page (now has Mr. Hawk's full name.)

      o Updated CREW LISTING page as well for all the above changes.

      o MAJOR updates to the MISSION LOGS page:
      - inclusion of new graphics courtesy of our XO and myself
      (including a neat little title picture for our latest plot)
      - history is now complete from December 2000 to current
      - Y2K sims listings moved to its own page
      - Log from our last sim available for download in text format
      - Can now see upcoming sims (Thanks to H for the list!)

      (Updates as of 3/1)

      o The RETURN button now works correctly on *all* subpages.

      o JOIN button is still disabled temporarily, due to be activated soon.

      o If anyone's got links they want to share on the LINKS page,
      please let me know.

      o MISSION LOGS hasn't been updated, but the sorting's been changed;
      only recent episodes are shown, and older ones will be shown on sub-
      pages grouped by 'season'.

      o Added CREW LISTING - like the one on the Jestertrek site - to the
      page under SETTINGS so that visitors will know who is who and can
      quickly size up the crew roster.

      o DEPARTMENT subpages have all been created, but just like the Crew
      Listing, I'm still working on getting everyone's ranks and names
      right. Be patient, H. is sending me the updated list (pokepoke)

      o Fixed the COMMAND department's text and images.

      o CHRONOLOGY and MULTIMEDIA pages are blank or sparsely populated for
      now, pending how NBCi handles multimedia content and/or Zip files.
      (Policy generally has been to severely limit size of WAV, MP3, and
      Zip files, if allowing them to be uploaded at all)
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