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Teaser for Friday, February 2, 2001 -- "Millenium Bug", Part 3

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  • Heiwa
    Commander ... I was not hiding information from you. I would not have allowed you to enter the situation unprepared. That s exactly what you did, Ensign.
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      "Commander ... I was not hiding information from you. I
      would not have allowed you to enter the situation

      "That's exactly what you did, Ensign. And I don't appreciate
      it." Poe stopped mid-corridor, then turned on Ensign Mara
      K'Lar. "And I doubt I'll forget it."

      K'Lar raised her chin, managing to look proud and sorry at
      the same time. "I am still the best person to take along on
      this mission. I know the most about the situation, and ...
      you can trust me."

      Poe grunted as he turned and continued down the corridor
      again. "I don't trust people who hide things from me,

      "No further information will be withheld."

      Poe was about to respond to K'Lar when his commbadge chirped.
      "Poe, go," he said angrily.

      Pogo? Ensign Brandon Tomlinson wondered silently. "Sir,
      there's a call coming in for you from the Negh'Var. It's
      Chancellor Martok."

      Poe entered a nearby room, the auxiliary weapons armory.
      "Put it through to my current location, on this screen." In
      an instant, the Klingon appeared on the small viewscreen.
      "Chancellor? I have some news on the Kriosian device."

      Martok grunted. "It was Romulan in origin."

      Poe raised an eyebrow. "Yes, yes it was. How did you know?"

      Martok waved a hand at someone offscreen. "Worf had his
      suspicions, but he thought it best if a Starfleet crew were
      to look over it. I am glad for the confirmation, but not for
      the troubling news it brings."

      "Yes, it is rather distressing at that," Poe sympathized.
      "Has Mavoth provided any insight?"

      Martok snarled. "That d'jbliQ refuses to say anything to us.
      He says he is ready to die to support the call of Boreth."

      Poe gave K'Lar a glance before replying, "Yes, I've found out
      recently that Klingons are very good at withholding
      information, when they want to do so."

      * * * * *

      Having sent K'Lar away for now, and already resigned to
      taking her along despite his misgivings, Poe considered the
      Mavoth situation as he entered Main Engineering, intent on
      undoing a bad situation before it got worse. He entered
      Farrell's engineering office and said in a snapping tone --
      without meaning to have such a tone -- "Lieutenant."

      Farrell jumped to attention. "Yes SIR!"

      Poe sighed, closing his eyes and realizing with dismay that
      he was still being reproachful -- using that typical Vedek
      tone he had become so accustomed to. "At ease." He clasped
      his hands behind his back. "I came to apologize. For
      snapping at you earlier."

      "Perfectly understandable sir, now if you'll excuse me, I
      have some diagnostics to perform." Farrell attempted to
      escape, quickly. The Bajoran barred the way with an arm.

      "Lieutenant -- Mr. Farrell, give me a moment."

      But the chief engineer did not. "Commander, you made your
      view abundantly clear, and I know the Dominion War cost both
      sides countless lives, some of who I know. Half my shipmates
      from my cadet cruise on the Potemkin didn't live through the
      war." Poe attempted to interrupt, but Farrell continued.
      "And I would think that you'd be able to recognize my remarks
      on the bridge as pure irony. There's been more than enough
      action on this ship to fill dozens of regular missions. And
      with all due respect sir, it's what I expect on this ship
      because it's cursed with the 'Pegasus Luck'."

      Poe lowered his arm, realizing this was going to be harder
      than it seemed ... but why wouldn't it be? Even Vedek Varta
      always said, things said cannot be unsaid. "I knew what you
      meant. This isn't about what you said, or anything you did.
      This isn't about the ship, either. This is about my
      behavior. And this damned mission." The former Vedek took a
      deep breath. "This is a test. Of my leadership ability."

      Farrell waved a hand, encompassing Engineering. "And this
      isn't?" He indicated his pips, that of a full Lieutenant,
      with the recent promotion Poe gave him. "I didn't want this
      or these ... but everyone, Starfleet, my instructors, my own
      father, everyone's pushing me right up where the rest of my
      'famous' ancestors were." Farrell took a moment to try and
      calm himself, but his tone remained harsh. "Look, Commander,
      I don't care if this is a test of your leadership abilities
      or not; that's YOUR test. Down here, we're just trying to
      work like normal." He leaned back a little. "Of course,
      that's with all due respect, sir."

      Poe stood up straight, any thoughts of conciliation now gone
      as his expression grew cold. "I came down here to try and
      make do for my wrong to you. I can see you are the type who
      holds grudges." Poe nodded. "That's fine. I don't need
      your friendship -- just your obedience. Report to Shuttle
      Bay 1. You're to make modifications to the White Nile."

      "Yes, SIR." Farrell turned on his heel and left Main

      Poe closed his eyes and tried to channel some sense of
      peacefulness, but failed miserably. "Dismissed ..."

      * * * * *

      Poe headed towards the shuttlebay, his thoughts overflowing
      like the rain-swollen Dimara River on Bajor during
      springtime. The best way to prepare for tests is to study
      all the information you have, and be prepared for any and all
      potentials. The Bajoran was pretty sure he had done the
      latter, at least as well as he could, but the former ...

      He stopped midstride, causing a female crewman to step
      quickly to the side to avoid running into him. "Poe to
      Logan," he said as he tapped his commbadge.

      "Logan here," came the reply.

      "Counselor, there's been a change in plans. I need you here
      on Pegasus, for the time being. I have a special assignment
      for you, and Mr. Temjuin. Something you can pool your
      resources over." Poe grinned, already liking the idea more
      and more. "Get him and meet me in Sick Bay." Poe cut the
      commlink and contacted Sickbay. Doctor Carey responded.
      "Doctor, wait for me in the shuttle bay, and tell Ensign
      Starkey that I'll be needing his services while I'm away..."

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