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Sibling Conversation

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  • Aurel Ian
    Dezra starred at the screen thinking about the recent meeting with Yarras Dax on Risa. Hey Dez, Dagen said appearing on the screen. From what she could see
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2011
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      Dezra starred at the screen thinking about the recent meeting with Yarras
      Dax on Risa.

      "Hey Dez," Dagen said appearing on the screen. From what she could see he was
      back on the homeworld, she saw trees out the window and not stars.

      "Dagen," she said. "I didn't know you were on Trill."

      "Only for a little while, swapping out old students for new, though I hear

      there are not to be so many this time around," he said. "Why did you want to

      "Yarras Dax," she said.

      "You seen or heard from him again about your being joined," he said.

      "I did see him again but about something else," she said. "He was a bit
      rude. He called me, Dez again."

      Dagen sighed. "I see." he said.
      "Why does he do that?" she asked. "Have I done something wrong to him?"

      "It could be since he has some of your memories and one of them are of me
      calling you by your nickname. So he does it because ..." he paused. "maybe he
      likes you and is trying to be nice." Dezra rolled here eyes. Dagen only smiled
      knowing his sister and what she thought.

      Or it could be as you said, he feels you have done him some wrong in the
      past. Could even be Dax feels slighted, that you didn't remained joined to him."

      Dezra starred at the screen. the tone of his voice made her suspect that it was
      Mox speaking.

      "You have suggested that I am perhaps not suited to be a host before, Mox,"
      she said. "Would your feelings be hurt if Dagen had hosted you temporarily?"

      "it is hard to say since he decided to be my permanent host."

      Dezra had to close her eyes, finding it hard at the moment to look at the
      screen when it was Mox speaking to her. She was suddenly missing Stonecipher a
      great deal. Though she supposed she could also talk to Jack or make an
      appointment to talk to Mrs. Betencourt.

      "Dez, you okay?" it was Dagen speaking again.

      "I am hearing you again. It was just hard for some reason to listen to Mox
      and see you," she said.

      "I certainly hope you're not going to fall back into a depression again," he

      said quite seriously.

      She smiled and shook her head. "No, I'm sure I'll be fine. Maybe I should
      apologize to him..."

      "Or simply say hello, be nice to him next time you see him," Dagen said.
      "Maybe he just wants to be friends, after all he was nice enough to speed up
      your paperwork."

      "Did he? Do you know?" she asked.

      "I don't know," she said. "I suppose I should be nice. It's just sometimes I

      find him annoying, maybe it's just the fact that he knows me because of the few
      memories of mine he has."

      "Still missing Nara Roswell?" he asked. She had told him about Nara's death
      and how she missed her friend.

      "Somewhat yes, though I still have Jack," she said smiling and blushing.
      Jack had become a friend maybe even more than a friend.

      "Maybe talk to Mr. Stonecipher or has he left?" Dagen asked.

      "He left. So I could talk to Mrs. Betencourt if I need to," she said.

      The topic changed to the face he had been able to visit their parents and
      they had mentioned hopes that Dezra might come and visit them. Dagen suggested
      maybe even bringing Jack to meet them. Though Dezra shrugged that off. Dagen was
      called off so Dezra let him go.
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