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Teaser for Friday, December 8, 2000 -- "Forgone Conclusion", Part One

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  • Heiwa
    Poe Dalin, Personal log, stardate 53897.2. We re en route to Earth, escorted by the USS Hunter, commanded by Captain Jason Aldur. Jason Aldur ... he doesn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2000
      Poe Dalin, Personal log, stardate 53897.2.

      We're en route to Earth, escorted by the USS Hunter,
      commanded by Captain Jason Aldur. Jason Aldur ... he doesn't
      know who I am, but I know his name and history all too well.

      Captain Wallace has been relieved of command pursuant to
      Judge Advocate General Admiral Haslam's orders, delivered by
      Captain Aldur's first officer, Tala Brianne. She sits on the
      bridge even now, her cold, Betazoid exterior not fooling
      anyone that she may be, perhaps is, probing peoples' thoughts
      as she sits in the first officer's seat. She's trying to
      gauge the crew's reactions to this situation. I can only
      imagine the counselor is quite unhappy with it. Temjuin
      didn't seem to stand in anyone's way, not even when Wallace
      was beamed to Hunter's brig. K'Lar growled and was relieved
      by Commander Brianne. I'm surprised Mara didn't break a
      couple of bones before she left.

      Technically, I've been allowed to remain in command of
      Pegasus, but Pegasus isn't my ship. It never was. I was put
      here for one reason and one reason only. Besides, Admiral
      Ross knows I'll guide Pegasus towards Earth like the good
      little plant that I am. Even if I cared not to, I'm sure
      Captain Aldur has no qualms about commandeering this ship for
      the second time in his career.

      So I sit here, ::sigh:: knowing that the true reason for my
      assignment to the USS Pegasus, my only purpose in Starfleet
      for the past 9 months, is officially about to come to
      fruition. And I realize ... I have no idea what will happen
      to me once it's done.

      But it's not done yet. Captain Wallace is to be
      court-martialed on stardate 53909. Until its end, I still
      have lines left to read from this script, the admiral's
      script. Admiral Ross' and Section 31's final revenge on Dev

      Computer, delete that last paragraph, encode log, and place
      it on level-9 access only. Authorization

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