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Teaser for Tuesday, February 2, 2010, "Xenon and Vinegar" Part 2

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  • Christian Fisher
    Jacob Barnes sat quietly in one of the observation lounges of the USS Pegasus. He was still a few hours away from beginning his first duty shift aboard the
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      Jacob Barnes sat quietly in one of the observation lounges of the USS Pegasus.  He was still a few hours away from beginning his first duty shift aboard the Pegasus, but now that his confinement had been lifted, he found he wasn't in the mood to be in his quarters.  He stared out at the stars, mumbling to himself.  "Well Jacob, looks like we've landed in a new home once again.  For however long that will last"  He lifted the hot cup of herbal tea to his face and breathed in, deeply.  A smile spread across his lips as he tipped the cup to take a sip before noticing a shadow falling across his table.  He looked up to see one of the crew that maintained the lounge and kept it clean.

      "Ya always talk to y'self like that, sugah?"  She smiled warmly, placing a hand on her hip.

      Jacob chuckled uncomfortably, "Ah... no.  Well... at least I don;t think so."  He scrunched his mouth to the side then shook his head a little.  "Actually, yeah... I probably do.  Sorry."

      The woman placed a hand on her chest and laughed.  "Now why would ya want to apologize t'me?  I don't imagine it's any a my beeswax who yah talk to.  Ah just though maybe I could give ya another option."  She tossed her cleaning cloth into the bench on the other side of Jacob's table and plopped down across from him.  "Ya don't mind if I sit a spell, do ya?  Name's Debbie, but most folks call me Dizz"

      Jacob blinked at her curiously and shook his head.  "No.  That's alright."  He peered around somewhat suspiciously, "I'm Jacob." He wondered if he was about to be the victim of some sort of hazing prank.

      Dizz looked at him curiously then tried to follow his wandering gaze.  "Now what are you lookin' for, a rescue?  You scared a' me or somethin'?"

      Jacob turned his gaze hers and shook his head.  "Oh, no.  No, I'm just..."  He sighed a little.  "I just don't know any one here yet, so you caught me a bit off guard."  Well, no one that doesn't hate me, anyway.

      Dizz cocked her head to the side, causing her auburn curls to bounce a little.  "So I did scare ya.  Don't worry, I'll remember to be more careful."  She reached across and touched his hand softly.  "You poor thing.  All alone on a big ship...."  She moved her hand from his and grabbed the sleeve of his uniform.  "Goin' or coming?"

      He blinked at her, disarmed by the unexpected contact. "Uhm... what?"

      She giggled at him and yanked the sleeve again.  "Yer shift, silly?  Does it start soon, or are you done?"

      "Oh.  Sorry.  It starts in a couple of hours.  Why?"

      Dizz gave him a big toothy grin as she stood up.  She took both of his hand in hers and began pulling him out of his seat.  "It's settled then.  We got plenty a' time for you to get the Dizzy Butler, whirlwind tour.  C'mon now, shake a leg, Jake."

      Intrigued, Jacob got up and allowed her to drag him toward the door.  "Uhm... it's Jacob, not Jake."

      Dizz stopped and turned to look at him, dropping his hands with a pout.  "Now why ya got to be so formal.  Is it cuz we hardly know each other?"

      Jacob was about to explain that it was just a personal preference, but before he could, Dizz reached for his head, taking it in both hands and pulled him to her, planting deep and very disarming kiss on his lips.  "There, now we aren't strangers anymore, Jake.  Now lets get moving, or you'll be late to your shift!"  she said, matter-of-factly as she took his hand in hers and dragged him out of the lounge.

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