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Drownin' It Out

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    Marzia Betencourt, Naranda Roswell, Aislinn Quinn, Daniel Ram Drownin It Out Roswell walked into the bar area and saw Aislinn and Marzia and walked over.
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      Marzia Betencourt, Naranda Roswell, Aislinn Quinn, Daniel Ram

      "Drownin' It Out"

      Roswell walked into the bar area and saw Aislinn and Marzia and walked over. "Mind if I join?"

      "Not at all just be warned its the real stuff for us" Marzia motioned to the bottle.

      Roswell saw Ram and smiled. "Mind if Ensign Ram joins us? He's about to go on a mission."

      Ram came up behind Roswell. "I thought you might want some company sir-" He spots Commander Betencourt."Oh, Commander." He started to straighten up into attention but Marzia waved him off.

      "Real stuff for me, synthenol for him." Nara said then sat down

      Quinn was quite contently lost in her glass of wine, it was good and well it numbed the mind a bit.

      Marzia Laughed. "Sorry Ensign..the boss says you need the watered down stuff. She motioned for the bartender to get a glass for Ram.

      "Can't send him off drunk. How would that make me look?" Nara chuckled.

      Ram almost objected but then at Roswell's reasoning agrees and sits down.

      Marzia relaxed as she looked around at them. "Lost the ship...tsk tsk...and the Captain..." she gave them a small smile. "If it was any other ship in the fleet I would say thats horrible."

      "...Don't forget Commander Sakai." Ram sighed. "I should have been the last one in the tube..." He turned to the bartender. "Synthenol scotch.

      "Yea, for us, it's just another day at work." Nara frowned having it still weigh pretty heavily on her.

      "She wouldn't have wanted to leave you behind. She has a good record to date." Marzia took a sip of her wine. "We'll get them back"

      "We'd better get them back... cause whoever's responsible really doesn't want me to find them if we don't."

      Marzia nodded as she looked around:: "The Pegasus has a long history of...oddity but we've always gotten her back...I wouldn't stop believing in that now."

      "We've lost people before though." Nara accepted the glass of wine. She looked at the PADD she'd been carrying with her and started doing research.

      Ram got his scotch and looked at it with disappointment then takes a sip. "Man, I really hope nothing happens to my bottles on the Pegasus…"

      "No working. Not while I'm drinking..." Quinn Smirked while eyeing the PADD.

      Without looking up. "Careful, Ensign, you sound like a Ferengi."

      Nara looked at Aislinn and back at the PADD. "You're new so I'll let you into the secret. When stuff like this happens, I get a `No rest till it's resolved' attitude." She nodded toward Marzia. "Ask her."
      "Well that's where I'm going...plus i need a case for my Ferengi friend on Ferenginar

      "Most of us can't let go when things like this happen" Marzia said.

      Roswell nodded and tapped at the PADD.

      Marzia took a sip of the wine as she looked around. "Feels like we've been here before."

      "Déjà Vu?" Nara asked.

      "I'm in here a lot lately... well not this one in particular but hey that's alrighty." Did I just say alrighty? Aislinn had to think about that.

      Roswell raised an eyebrow but didn't look up from the PADD.

      Marzia nodded. "I feel like every time we come across problems we end up in the bar...I have to say I miss Quark now."

      Roswell herd people yelling and looked over to see two men arguing. She looked toward the door and sure enough, two of the station's guards came in. She looked back at her PADD.

      "Ulag doesn't have such a high opinion of Quark, none the less, he says he's a good man to do business with."
      Aislinn looked over at the door. "Bar fights...fun"

      Ram saw the guards and got up. "Should would stop them, Lieutenant?

      "Just grab a bottle and jump in...much more fun" Aislinn stated.

      "Not our station Ensign...just relax."

      Roswell shook her head. "They have things under control. We don't interfere unless we need to."

      Marzia took hold of the bottle and her glass when the fight got closer.

      Ram sat down and sipped his synthenol.

      "Empty ones are usually the best." Aislinn would really hate to see the wine go to waste.

      A couple more guards came in and in a few moments, the fighting people were escorted out and things got back to normal more or less. Nara hadn't looked up from her PADD even when a chair flew over their table.

      Aislinn puts on a bit of a pout as the fight is broken up. "Klingon bars are the best for fights..."

      Marzia clutched the bottle to her chest. "This isn't for a fight...I don't want them to spill it." She laughed at Dr. Quinn.


      "Naw...but have you ever been in the middle of a Klingon bar fight? It's intense"

      Ram cracks a joke for once. "I might want to stay away from sickbay, she might ask me for a blood sample."

      "Only if you stand me up for your physical." Aislinn responded.

      Ram said, now a little more serious. "of course not...it's protocol."

      "Then you're safe."

      Nara started tapping at her PADD more frequently... as if typing.

      Marzia chuckled. "I am so happy not to have to worry about the basic physicals any more...that's what the interns are for."

      Ram sips his scotch. "What about lower ranking security officers, lieutenant? What are we for?"

      "Interns...those sound fun." Aislinn exclaimed.

      Marzia chuckles. "My AMO has this thing about trying to scare them into place...and then I walk in behind him and remind him that he answers to me."

      "I'm still getting used to being a ship doctor. I kind of miss my private practice some days."

      Roswell addresses Ram. "You're training fodder to be better officers." She continues typing, a smirk on her face.

      Ram had a quizzical look on his face. But, Lieutenant, I-well if you say so, sir." He tried to see if he could get Roswell to slipup and tell him the truth. "Then you must find my skills satisfactory enough to send me in."

      "Of course, Ensign. So does Captain Betencourt."

      "I meant, send me in to teach our `fodder.'"

      Marzia smiled. He is doing well...the promotion suits him well."

      Roswell laughed. "Never mind, Ensign." Looked around, held the PADD closer to her and typed, snickering.

      Ram looked very confused at Marzia. "Promotion, who has been promoted?"

      Marzia sighed lightly. "Marcus' promotion to captain suits him well."

      "I think he is better at command than he was at medicine."

      "I see, ma'am." Ram smiled seeing Roswell all giggly. "Sir, what are you typing that is so funny?"

      Aislinn finished off her wine and sighed.

      "A... report... to Lt. Jones." Nara smirked and winked to Marzia.

      Ram looked curiously from Roswell to Marzia.

      Marzia's commbadge chirped.

      "Betencourt to Betencourt, could you report to my office we need to assign a medical team."

      On my way Captain...Marzia Out." She set the bottle in front of Dr. Quinn. "Sorry my Captain needs me apparently. Everyone have a good night."

      Nara nodded. "Goodnight."

      Quinn accepted the bottle. "Thanks...and g'night."

      Marzia saluted and headed out blowing a kiss to the bartender as she headed to the Captain's office.

      "Goodnight commander." Ram stood up at attention then sat back down.

      "Ensign, have you ever had a girlfriend?" Nara inquired.

      Ram, in the middle of taking a sip, coughed at the question. He cleared his throat. "Erm...uh, no, sir." He took a large gulp even though he knew it would hardly do anything.

      "When you get one, I'll explain to you what's so `funny.'" Nara smirked and set her PADD down and looked at Aislinn. "How are you doing, Doctor?"

      "Sir? Does Lieutenant Jones have a girlfriend?"

      "Once I finish off this bottle I'll be juuuuust fine. You?"

      Nara raised an eyebrow, she nodded. I think I'll walk you to your quarters when you do finish it off. So... for the sake of conversation to relieve us of this harsh situation for a few moments, have you ever had a boyfriend?

      She looked at Ram and smirked "What do you think, Ensign?"

      "Oh sure... I've had a few"

      Nara smiled and talked on some weird (and poorly done) accent. "Ooooh, DISH!"

      Ram paused a minute to think then looked up at Roswell and quizzically yet somewhat surprised asked. "Lieutenant...are you and the lieutenant.....dating, lieutenant?"

      Aislinn, with a soft laugh, shook her head. "Not much to tell..." She refilled her glass and took a drink.
      Nara raised a knowing eyebrow at Ram and smirked. Then she looked back at Quinn. "Well ... try. "

      Ram was wide eyed for a moment and then he had the revelation. "Then that is why he asked me to..."

      Aislinn looked to Ram with a perked brow before returning her attention to the question at hand. "What do you want to know?"

      "Well, how did he or they romance you?"

      Aislinn lifted the bottle of wine and shook it gently. "I have a weakness for a good wine."

      "Oh that can't be all. What lines did they use?"

      Ram listened in interest now that he'd figured out the great mystery.

      "Oh..geeze I don't even know. I'm not all that big on corny pick up lines."

      Nara laughed. "What about you Ensign?"

      Ram Laughed at took a gulp of scotch. "Sir?"

      "What lines have you used to pick up girls?"

      "Uh, sir...I haven't had any girls, remember?" He looked a bit concerned but smiled, due to the fact of the loose atmosphere .

      "That doesn't mean you haven't tried."

      Ram replied with little embarrassment. "Well actually..."

      "Come now, Ensign."

      "I think if you're going to ask those questions...you better give him full strength booze."

      Nara shook her head. "Not if I'm sending him off with Captain Bentencourt."

      Ram shook his head to both of them. "No booze...I have an important mission plus...I really haven't, Lieutenant."

      "Okay well I'll have a drink for you then." She held up her glass and took a drink.

      Nara looked around and nodded to a pretty girl sitting at a nearby table. "Well, go try one. Remember what I said about a well-rounded life? "

      Ram looked a little surprised at Roswell and whispered. "But, sir! I- I-I can't....i don't know how."

      "Oh, Ensign, just say hi and ask how her day was." Nara said.

      Ram hesitated then sighed. "If you say so, sir..." He got up, cleared his throat, and started walking over rehearsing what he'd say quietly. He cleared throat as he arrived at her table. "e-excuse me, erm, miss?"

      Aislinn shook her head with a soft smirk letting her forehead come to rest on the smooth bar top.

      The girl looked up. "Yes?"

      Ram nervously spoke. "h-hi...um, h-how...how was your day?" He said trying to look calm.

      The woman giggled. "It was ok, how was yours?"

      Nara looked at Aislinn. "Doctor?"

      "Well...I mean, it went well." He cleared his throat nervously. "S-so, uh, are you stationed here?"

      The girl nodded but still laughed. "Are you ok?"

      Aislinn turned her head to look at Nara. "Yep?"

      "Hm? Oh yes, just fine." He put on a nervous smile. "are you?" He immediately closed his eyes thinking stupid question.

      Nara tilted her head at Aislinn. "You seem as if you've had enough." She reached for the bottle.

      The girl nodded. "Um... is there anything I can do for you?"

      "Do that and you may pull back a stump..." She smirked, she wasn't drunk, actually far from it. Her head was throbbing though.

      Nara shook her head. "You're nasty when you want to drink."

      "uh, well i was hoping i could maybe, er, buy you a-a drink?"

      "Naw... I'm nasty when my head is on the verge of explosion. And I do apologize."

      The girl shook her head and smiled seeing a young man come in and she waved at him.

      Nara frowned in sympathy. "The doctor here should have a pain killer."

      Aislinn sat up and laughed. "Oh if only they worked. It's not that kind of headache. "

      "What kind is it?"

      "Oh, okay, I'll just um-yeah." Ram walked away and plopped down in his seat. "Can either of you ladies give me a slap across the face?"

      "Have you ever had a part of you suddenly gone?" Aislinn's voice was soft, far from harsh as she took another sip from her glass.

      Nara looked at Ram and laughed. "Just try that occasionally and you won't stutter like that anymore." She looked at Quinn and nodded solemnly. "Yes."

      "It's like that only worse. It's seriously as if my arm has been removed and I can only stand and watch it spurt blood across the room."

      "Yeah...I don't think that'll work too well..." Ram waved over the bartender. "I'm going to give you a strange order. Can you bring me the strongest non-alcoholic drink you have?"

      Nara put a hand on Quinn's arm. "I'm here if you want to talk about it"

      "Thanks... there isn't much to say though I don't think."

      Nara nodded and patted Aislinn's arm.

      The bartender brought out Ram's request and Ram gulped it down. "Still not strong enough...find me a pot of black coffee..."

      "Raktijino...straight up that'll knock the wind out of ya. Don't expect to sleep anytime soon though"

      "No this will do it..." Ram took the pot poured his glass full of coffee and gulped the cup down. He poured himself another cup while looking disgusted from the taste.

      "I think I'm going to head to bed myself soon though. If the doors didn't seem so very far away at .least..." Aislinn said.

      Ram gulped down the next glass full and poured another. "I hate coffee..."

      "Ah it grows on ya after a while."

      Nara nodded to them both. "I'll be up working. Goodnight you both."

      "Goodnight, sir..." Then he turned to Aislinn. "I don't want it to grow on me. When I can't have alcoholic drinks or just need to stay awake...this will do it…" He gulped down the last of the pot and looked revolted.

      Aislinn picked up the bottle and popped the cork back in before she pushed herself off of the barstool. Okay so maybe she was a little tipsy; it took a moment for the room to stabilize. "G'night..."

      "Good night..." Ram headed off to the holodeck to see if he could ask a hologram on a date, then perhaps a war simulation to finish the night.

      "Well don't stay awake too long then." That said, Aislinn began to move towards the doors a bit slow before she disappeared into the corridor. Now...to remember which quarters were her's.
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