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Log "The Knights of Old"

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  • Catherine Knight
    Meanwhile back on Deep Space Nine....... The Waz incident had started many discussions in the Betencourt household regarding the practically and ethical
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009
      Meanwhile back on Deep Space Nine.......

      The Waz incident had started many discussions in the Betencourt household regarding the practically and ethical ramifications of using the forbidden arts.  Marzia held her breath that the Governor would send more Keepers to silence Marcus, since the first set had failed.  Thankfully word had not reached the Governor about what Marzia had done, Odo, Kira, and Hanson had referenced her actions very sparingly in their reports.  However, she knew that the day was approaching that they'd send someone for her and she was sure it wouldn't be Jonathan.

      Deciding life was too short to let concern about Keepers coming to take you and your husband away or an Interstellar Insane Terrorist murderer as a Mother in Law keep you from enjoying your down time.  The stress had been building with each new revelation about the Five.  Needing to cut loose and unwind Marzia had convinced Marcus they needed a night of mystery and fun in the holodeck. 

      She spent the morning part of her shift scrolling through the different holonovels they'd enjoyed in the past, then her eyes fell on the perfect one.  At the lunch break she replicated the perfect costumes leaving his on the bed while she took her's back to the Infirmary.  When working in any medical department it never fails the time you want to end your shift on time is the time you are needed for some emergency.  Dr. Avery had tried all shift to guess the novel they would be enjoying but she never gave him a hint.
      A few moments before the shift ended Marzia stepped from her office in a full medieval maiden's costume.  Her sky-blue and gold trimmed bodice gown made her look more like a Lady in King Arthur's Court than the CMO of DS9.  Dr. Avery stepped from his office admiring the view with a long low whistle.  "If I knew you cleaned up this well I'd have invited you to the holodeck myself."
      Marzia rolled her eyes as she finished fixing the angel sleeves.  "You'd better not let the Captain hear you talk like that else you'll find yourself reassigned to the lonilest moon."  The doctor smirked at her AMO with a small chuckle, "Just ask around about what happened to the last man who flirted too much with me."
      "A night with you in that dress might be worth it," Paul winked as he picked up the heavy dark blue cloak slipping it over her shoulders. 
      Before she could reply with a witty counter Nurse Cohen called out, "I believe your good Knight is waiting for you m'Lady."  
      All three gazed out of the Infirmary as Captain Betencourt paused by dressed in all the finery of a Knight of the Round Table, a shining sword at his side and his family crest on his chest.  She felt a flush of pride as a few admired the Executive Officer as he made his way to Quark's as if he were in his normal uniform.
      "I should be going, I wouldn't want to keep Sir Marcus waiting.  Don't wait up."  She called back as she made her way to Quark's. 
      Slipping around to stand in front of Marcus she gave a deep formal curtsy.  "Good Evening Sir Marcus, I am so honored you agreed to dine with me."  She offered up her hand with a smile on her face.  He paused only for a moment startled by the transformation, Marcus bowed before taking her hand formally and leading her off to the holodeck to fight dragons and evil Sheriffs. 
      Quark rolled his eyes as he went back to drying the glasses mumbling about playing dress up.   
      ((oooh no there be dragons in the holodeck....I hope they can beat them : )  ))


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