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  • Aurel Ian
    Liz sat back in her chair in her quarters she looked at a padd with a list of unfinished projects she had on the Marco. Pete s predecessor had safely put them
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2008
      Liz sat back in her chair in her quarters she looked at a padd with a list of unfinished projects she had on the Marco. Pete's predecessor had safely put them away somehow knowing she would return to the Marco.  Pete was in engineering.

      Now she was finding herself thinking about what to do if things went bad. Kaiyama's puppet del Roy won the election. Liz had a gret deal of respect for Shanti, having had a record of service in Starfleet. But there was also this silent war if you could call it that with Section 31 and the Five.  

      If something happened where she would have to leave the Marco she could go back to R&D, maybe like the directional arrow that the alternate future had shown her. She laughed, She hadn't really thought of joining and working with R&D but her project had led to that and if she hadn't gone she wouldn't have met Pete. Who knows where she would be today, maybe still on the Pegasus or back on the Marco. She considered herself lucky both in having served on Pegasus and the Marco, and then of course there was meeting Pete.

      So what was the extent of Kaiyama's ,,,hate...loathing...revenge? Probably Pegasus and probably Dalin, her old ship and the captain might need help in the future as well. Was she also included?

      Liz silently missed Jake McFarlane and his critisism on her subspace project. A little light went of in her head. Maybe she could help them if needed. She could maybe make another prototype of her projects and give them to the Pegasus to work on and use if they need. Though which ones, she had to admit the projects were still in very early stages of development, there wasn't much time, and it had been quite a while since she had worked on them. If she made duplicates of the prototypes she had a bit of catching up to do in a short period of time.

      Also there was the thought of sabotage to think about which would mean security. Her mind already thinking of some security program to attache to all the prototypes. Something to collect data on who was trying to access the programs for whatever device. Whether they were friendly or hostile? And if hostile how to thwart their efforts. And if friendly to just let them get to what they were looking for.

      She snapped out of the reverie and looked at the padds scattered on the coffee table with notes. She quickly put them together and separated the wedding plans from the project ideas on two separate padds. "Well no time better than now to get a start." she said headed for the cargobay.

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