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[uss-pegasus] Teaser for 8 October 1999: "Loss of Innocence," Part 3

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  • Ross Glenn
    Charming, Brian Aldur said, in his coolest voice. What else do we know? Nobody outside the building the building was transported, Captain, Commander
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      "Charming," Brian Aldur said, in his coolest voice. "What else do we know?"

      "Nobody outside the building the building was transported, Captain,"
      Commander Nouveau responded nervously. "That includes most of the security
      team that was posted just outside the door," she went on. "They entered the
      building after they heard the transporter and found nothing at all inside
      except the furniture."

      Aldur nodded, moving swiftly to the Pegasus's command chair. "Any demands

      "Not yet," Nouveau finished.

      "What about Doctor Rosen?" the Captain asked.

      "She's fine, and is ready to come back aboard any time. We're still trying
      to contact Commander Narque," the CEO finished, biting her lip. "We don't
      know yet which team he was on."

      "Very well, Commander, thank you." Aldur then looked around the Bridge.
      Other than Nouveau, most of the faces were junior officers. Narque and
      Marshall had taken most of the senior staff down to the planet surface
      with them.

      "All right, people, everyone here is a professional. You weren't expecting
      to be on the Bridge for something like this, but you are." Aldur focused
      on each face -- Zuran, Aguilera, Wildman, Denorios, and finally on Nouveau,
      paradoxically both the highest ranking and one of the youngest officers on
      the Bridge.

      "Starfleet does not negotiate with terrorists, and neither do I," Aldur said
      simply, coldly. "Some Bajorans might think this is a proper way of getting
      what they want, but it's just not going to happen that way," the Captain
      said, his voice ice.

      "I want to know where our people were beamed to, who beamed them, and why."
      He paused. "Get on it!" Nouveau and the junior officers turned quickly to


      U.S.S. Pegasus sims every Friday night at 10:30pm ET, channel #lol-pegasus.
      Ship's officers are strongly encouraged to arrive at least ten minutes
      early, to allow time for setup. Remember, we're on the following servers
      (try in this order):

      irc.treklist.com port 6667, 6668, 6669, 7000, 7001
      lsg.phix.com port 6667, 6668, 6669, 7000

      Ross Glenn aka Jester
      Captain Brian Aldur, U.S.S. Pegasus, NCC-63847
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