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"Double Trouble" (a joint log)

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  • G. Garcia
    * -- Written jointly by Poe and Shelar. Takes place during Echo . At the sound of the doors to his guest quarters whooshing open, Thoran Kelva emerged from
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      * -- Written jointly by Poe and Shelar.   Takes place during "Echo".

      At the sound of the doors to his guest quarters whooshing open, Thoran Kelva emerged from the sleeping room and stepped into the main room, which had been cleared of most furniture.  He looked over at the open doors, and the individual who was entering through them.  Kelva smirked as he tightened the belt to his traditional aqua blue Andorian fighting robes.  “I see you decided to let yourself in, Thelven.” 

      Chief Science Officer Thelven Shelar’s antennae twitched in annoyance at the unwelcome use of his first name by his enemy, as if they were close acquaintances, but he said nothing.   Kelva motioned to the empty room.  “I had a feeling you would be arriving after your shift.  I made arrangements.”  Kelva paused and considered the other Andorian, then said darkly, “When I am done humiliating you again this time, you will realize you are not worthy of the robes of the class of Sharen.”

      This stopped the Andorian Pegasus crewman and caused him to respond angrily, “You waste too much time with insults.”  Shelar continued into the room as the doors closed behind him, adjusting his white fighting outfit briefly.  “I am ready.”

      “As am I.”  Kelva stepped quickly towards Shelar and launched two punches at his opponent, which Shelar blocked easily, sidestepping the first and sweeping the second aside with an open palm.  With that, the rematch of the grudge match was underway.

      Shelar slid to Kelva’s side and attempted to get slightly behind him before shooting a punch towards his foe’s back.  Kelva took two steps in the opposite direction and away from Shelar, then launched a side kick which Shelar blocked, catching Kelva’s foot in his hands.  Shelar lashed a foot out to kick at the side of Kelva’s knee, taking the Andorian in blue onto the carpeted floor in a seated position.  Shelar kept hold of his foe’s foot as he launched his own kick, this one aimed at Kelva’s chest.  Kelva could not raise his arms to block in time, and was thrust forcefully onto his back, the wind knocked out of him. 

      Shelar looked down as he stood over his longtime rival in an advantageous position.  “Are you sure you were ready?”

      Kelva tried to pry his foot free of Shelar’s grasp, but grinned suddenly.  “Oh yes.  We were more than prepared for this, Thelven.”  Too late, Shelar’s antennae twitched at the presence of another person behind him.  As Shelar turned to look, he felt a hammer blow come down upon the back of his neck, dropping him to his knees through sheer force.  Shelar looked over his shoulder and up to see … Thoran Kelva. 

      The second one.  The duplicate.  Who Shelar had heard had been placed in the brig.

      This Kelva was clad in black, instead of the blue robes of the rank Kelva had attained in the combative arts.  The second Kelva attempted to drop an elbow down onto Shelar, but the science chief dropped his first foe’s trapped foot and brought his arms up above his head just in time to block the blow.  But this left an opening for Kelva on the ground, who launched a kick to the side of Shelar’s head.  The kick dizzied Shelar, who struggled to keep his focus on both opponents and maintain his balance as he swayed on his knees.

      “As you can see, my compatriot managed to find a way for me to escape from the brig,” Kelva-in-black said with that irritating, patronizing tone Shelar always found obnoxious.  “And you did come here to challenge me to a rematch.” 

      “You are a dishonest cheat, Kelva! I  challenged just you!"

      “You challenged Thoran Kelva,” said the Kelva in blue who was still on his back on the ground.  “And we are both Thoran Kelva.  It isn’t our fault you chose now to pick a fight.  We both have the right to accept the terms, and face our enemy – that being you, Thelven.”  With that, he sat up and aimed an elbow into Shelar’s solar plexus.  But Shelar got the jump on them both, catching the Kelva on the ground with a haymaker to his jaw, while elbowing the second Kelva in the gut and causing him to back up. Shelar rose to his feet and glowered at both men. 
      “No one would agree with your ridiculous interpretation.  You need to cheat to win? Pathetic, Kelva.  Now watch as I demonstrate how to defeat you.”

      The Kelva in blue temporarily looked in no mood to fight, so Shelar faced the other.  The Andorians in black and white exchanged a flurry of blows and blocks, neither man making headway for several seconds, with Shelar managing to land two hits while blocking all of Kelva’s, until Shelar was caught off-guard with a leg sweep.  As Shelar started to fall forward, he felt Kelva grab his arm and propel him sideways into the bulkhead wall. While covered with soft material, the décor was by no means meant to soften a blow, and Shelar felt his arm ache in pain.  The science chief staggered back, turning to face his foe before he felt Kelva’s hands wrap around his arm and drop down, sending Shelar facefirst into the ground below.  Shelar saw stars.  Shelar slowly pushed himself off the ground, looking up to see both Kelvas standing over him, smirking.

      “Well, while it was somewhat enjoyable teaching you another lesson, Thelven, it was hardly worth all the effort I put into falsifying those orders to get my other self released.  Yet again, you’ve not proven a worthy adversary.”

      ”Well said.  I quite agree.  Thelven, do you wish to surrender now, and spare yourself more humiliation and agony?”

      Shelar growled as he looked up at his foes, slowly coming up to all fours.  “I will never surrender to you, or you, Kelva.”

      The two Kelvas nodded to one another.  “Very well,” said one said to the other.  “Shall we?”  Much to his dismay, Thelven saw one black sock and one aqua sock rush forward towards his vision, then felt the impact of a double kick to his face.  Shelar collapsed facedown and prone onto the floor, and struggled to maintain consciousness, but suddenly found it very hard to move.  The science chief slowly willed his body to replenish its energy and prepare to come back, as he began to hear his opponents make snide comments about him.  Shelar felt his body nudged a couple of times, but made no sign that he was cognizant of it.

      “A pity.  That was such a short fight.  Though I must say, a victory by knockout is an excellent way to win, always.  Though, he has the stamina of a Pinkskin.  I expected better from Thelven.  As I said before, he is not fit to wear these robes, or any other for that matter.”

      “I agree, of course.  But then you already knew that.  What shall we do with him?”

      As Shelar took advantage of this respite, he inwardly cursed the Kelvas and pondered a way to exact a victory even with the addition of the second Kelva.  After a few moments, his antennae sensed movement at either end of his body – the Kelvas were split up, with one kneeling above his head, kneeling down on an arm and applying pressure to his other arm and back.  The two Kelvas continued their puerile taunts of what they assumed to be an unconscious Thelven Shelar, as the Kelva by his feet pulled one of his traditional Andorian white socks off, claiming ownership of both as a “souvenir” of his excellent victory.  The two Kelva laughed, and Shelar opened his eyes, realizing that both men’s arrogance would be their downfall.

      Reacting instinctively and to make the most of the element of surprise, Shelar strained his muscles and wrested one arm free, using it as leverage as he propelled his body upward and headbutted the Kelva above him under the chin, using the top of his head.  Shelar saw the Kelva in black fall backwards, catching himself with his arms behind him.  Almost simultaneously, Shelar looked over his shoulder, then brought one foot up the other Kelva’s jaw, striking him with his bare heel before twisting over onto his back and sending the socked heel into Kelva’s stomach.  The Kelva in blue doubled over, still sitting on his haunches.

      Not losing any time, Shelar acrobatically got to a standing base, blocking a feeble punch attempt from Kelva-in-black before grabbing each of his antennae in one hand and faceplanting this Kelva onto the ground.  Shelar trod on the fallen Kelva’s antennae with a socked foot, eliciting a yelp of pain and anger from his foe.  Seeing the Kelva in blue begin to rise, Shelar motioned him forward with a wave of the hand and a seething hiss.

      The two threw attack after attack at each other, neither man getting through the other’s defenses, with Shelar all the while standing over the pained and helpless Kelva in black, keeping him pinned to the ground by trodding on Kelva's antennae.   Finally, Kelva dropped down to the ground and kicked up into Shelar’s side, sending Shelar stumbling into a wall with a wince.

      “You were unconscious, Thelven.  Why do you persist? This match is already over, but if you wish to lose again …”

      “I told you, study and adapt. You are arrogant when I am conscious and twice as such when I act defeated.  Not so pink now, am I?"

      Kelva’s eyes widened, realizing both his folly and that Shelar was telling the truth.  And then, Kelva knew nothing except pain for several seconds as blow after blow rained down upon him.  Shelar left the Kelva in blue slumped against a wall as he crossed quickly over to the other, who was just now beginning to get to his feet again.  Shelar grabbed his arm, spinning him around and landing a solid punch to his chest before tossing him to crash headfirst into his duplicate.  With both Kelvas lying in a heap, Shelar sat down and regained possession of his purloined footwear.  “You, both of you, are not even worthy of this one scrap of the robes of Sharen.”

      Both Kelvas, as if spurred on by Shelar’s words, disentangled themselves and stood up, using the wall for support.  Shelar rushed towards them, dropping down at the last minute and turning his back to both, shooting his feet out and slamming them against the wall with his tried and true donkey kick – one foot for each Kelva.  As both Kelvas slumped down with their backs against the wall, Shelar came up to his knees between both of them.  Grabbing each of their antennae in one hand and yanking down on them painfully, Shelar clashed both opponents’ heads together, squashing their antennae in between each other’s skulls as they inadvertently headbutted each other.

      Shelar let go of both men and stood up.  Both Kelvas slumpled forward in a heap and made no further move, as both were utterly spent and unable to continue.  Shelar offered both foes a traditional bow.

      “That is how you win a fight, Kelva.

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