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PL "Clinging to a Thread"

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  • Marzia Asher
    Ignoring Stonechiper was easy, considering he d taken to reading on the couch. She would have preferred for him to have his little hissy fit then just report
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2006
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      Ignoring Stonechiper was easy, considering he'd taken to reading on the couch.  She would have preferred for him to have his little hissy fit then just report her to the Captain in person, would have let her have the office to herself.


      The names scrolled across her screen as she searched for ones that she thought might be of use in helping locate these pirates.  She was still pissed at Dalin for waiting hours to deicide she was suddenly unfit for duty.  A part of her wondered if he suddenly decided he didn't want her on the bridge since his decision came only moments after the announcement that the Glacier Bay was missing. 


      "Why would he send my assistant to talk about a personal matter in my marriage?  I am sure Dalin would be thrilled if I ordered him off the bridge till he spoke with Ensign Dolona about his marriage."  She was pissed, rightfully so of course.   There were others qualified to make that determination, hell all the MDs in sickbay could give her the clearance.


      "Lafra..gotcha."  Marzia pulled the chair closer to the console as she worked out how to make contact with the woman.  As she waited for the head mistress to answer the call she allowed herself to think about Marcus, not the situation before he left but at this moment what was going on.  He was in the hands of pirates..and no one knew where. 


      "They could have killed him already."  Her fingers quivered as she resubmitted her contact request.  Pulling her hand back she buried those thoughts.  She needed her angry, it would help keep her head clear and get her through this.   She refocused on finding out information, the touchy feely session with Stonechiper would have to wait till she wasn't ready to shout at him.  She knew he was doing as ordered, but it still was obvious he had a lot of learning to do on this ship.


      "Hot chocolate, Betencourt 2" she called out to the replicator as she rose from her chair.  Taking a sip from the mug she looked towards the doors, before she sighed and took a seat again.   She knew he'd be here shortly; she'd already began playing out the argument in her head.  She only wondered if she'd be given the right to see the Vedic and not the Captain.       

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