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A Pegasus Deep Space Primer!

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  • Poe
    Pegasus has left Federation space for parts unknown, and this means many new races, places, and ideas that we ve not experienced before. So, as a supplement
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      Pegasus has left Federation space for parts unknown, and this means many new races, places, and ideas that we've not experienced before. 

      So, as a supplement to the original Pegasus Primer, here's a list of who and what you need to know from the episodes "The Proving Ground" to beyond:
      « Ś-vœl » -- also known as the Ash-vou’el.  Alien civilization known by various names across many planets.  The name Ash-vou’el is not the aliens’ true name, but was given to them by the people of several worlds they had conquered, and it means “the Unconquerable” or “the Endbringers”.  The Ash-vou’el seem to possess different superhuman abilities among four different variants, including a powerful telepathic and telekinetic ability, mega strength, the ability to siphon life from others and heal wounds, and the ability to transport themselves at will. They are gray-skinned and usually gaunt, with the exception of the ‘warrior’ variant (“Edged Tools”).
      In 2382, the crew of the Pegasus encountered a group of four Ash-vou’el when they attacked Deep Space Two in order to acquire a shard of the Wishmaker Stone that Kappa 392nd Derivative of Arclon the Elder – a member of a reclusive race known as The Watchers, had smuggled aboard the station while pretending to be a Tessekian.  The Pegasus crew managed after many battles to put an end to the Ash-vou’el threat, but both the ship and the starbase suffered extensive damage.  Surprisingly, Lt. Samuel Blaber had knowledge of these Ash-vou’el, but refused to speak of it under orders from Starfleet Command (“Edged Tools”).  The information available was later partially declassified, but questions still remained as to Blaber’s run-in with them, and why Starfleet did not see fit to pass this information on to others (“What You Don’t Know…”).
      Various alien races have heard of the Ash-vou’el, including the Tessekians and the Dorasians.  However, many races had believed the Ash-vou’el to be extinct, or the tales to be legends from a period long ago (“The Blues”).  Recently, however, some races have begun to see the Ash-vou’el re-emerge and begin again to plunder planets and alien races.  Kappa 392nd Derivative of Arclon the Elder referred to them as “wicked beings” and “the most baseless evil” (“Edged Tools”).
      Cassandra Rowley – Human.  Starfleet Intelligence officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and currently working with Admiral Henry on Earth.  Rowley and Lt. Sam Blaber have been acquainted for some time, but the details of their relationship are sketchy, aside from the fact that Rowley feels she owes Blaber for something in their past (“What You Don’t Know…”).  Rowley contacted Blaber to inform him of Admiral Henry’s orders (“The Proving Ground”), and let Nechayev know what was going on once Blaber proved to be resistant to following them (“Edged Tools”).  Later, she informed Blaber that Klingons had killed a former ally of his, Legate Akarion, on Cardassia Prime, believing that he would have wanted to know (“The Blues”).
       “Deep Space Laws” – A set of rules the captain laid down for all members of the crew to follow once Pegasus headed out into deep space and away from readily available, easy support from the Federation.  As a result of several episodes with the crew that emerged on Deep Space Two, the captain informed the crew that he was instituting these rules, and disobeying them would be a grave mistake.  Deep Space Law #1 was ‘Threats to Pegasus will be swiftly neutralized with all necessary force’, while Law #2 was ‘If you do not reveal information which could jeopardize the ship or crew, you are a threat to Pegasus’ (“What You Don’t Know…”).  Despite Major Ret’s vocal disagreement, the captain made it clear that Deep Space Law #3 would be to rescue Pegasus personnel over non-Pegasus personnel, when given a choice to designate priorities (“Null and Void”).
      Deep Space Two – Federation starbase commanded by Captain Camarino.  Pegasus’ last stop en route to unexplored space.  In 2382, DS2 was visited by an unknown alien vessel who identified themselves as Tessekian explorers.  Kappa 392nd Derivative of Arclon the Elder, a member of The Watchers, had altered form to appear as the leader of these Tessekians.  As Pegasus neared DS2 on stardate 59045, an alien vessel of unknown origin began to attack DS2.  The aggressors were later identified as the Ash-vou’el, and caused extensive damage on the starbase and Pegasus both, as well as many casualties (“Edged Tools”).  DS2’s security staff was severely lessened by the attacks, and several Pegasus crewmembers transferred to DS2 to take positions there while Pegasus assisted with repairs to and security for the base.  Kappa 392nd Derivative of Arclon the Elder requested permission to remain aboard Pegasus, and Captain Poe granted this request (“What You Don’t Know…”).
      Dorasians – humanoid alien civilization, marked by white-hued hair.  The Dorasians are divided into several Clans, which each have their own specific specialization or function.  In 2382, the Pegasus rescued Kered, a Dorasian stranded in a pocket of null space along with other aliens.  Kered was of Clan Farviewer, who excelled at navigation and stellar cartography, and had excellent eyesight (“Null and Void”).  The Dorasians had had no run-ins with the Ash-vou’el in recent times, and had thought them extinct.  Kered warned Pegasus to avoid several alien civilizations, including the Tokii Hegemony (“The Blues”). 
      Paul Henry – Human Starfleet admiral.  Part of the Intelligence branch.  In 2382 (stardate 59045), Alynna Nechayev notified Captain Poe that Lieutenant Samuel Blaber had been obtaining covert surveillance data on the Pegasus crew and Pegasus’ missions and actions in unexplored space on the orders of Admiral Henry of SF Intel (“Edged Tools”).  Unknown to most on Pegasus at that time, the admiral himself gave the orders to carry out this surveillance and had Cassandra Rowley deliver the orders to Blaber (“The Proving Ground”).  The admiral and Rowley had a relationship that was at times friendly, but also guarded (“What You Don’t Know…”).  Admiral Henry notified Captain Poe later about his plan, and his reasons for hanging Blaber out to dry: concern about a mole aboard Pegasus who may have been sending information illicitly to remnants (or a rebirth) of Section 31 on Earth (“The Blues”).  The captain later informed Ruiz and Marcus Betencourt of the mole aboard Pegasus once Blaber had cleared them of wrongdoing (“Power Structure”).
      Modalians – alien civilization.  A Pegasus away team encountered Modalians who had been infected by semi-sentient moss the Pegasus crew encountered on an unnamed planet beyond the Namori system (“Seed of Eden”).
      Namori – humanoid alien civilization.  In 2382, the Pegasus rescued two Namori from a pocket of null space (“Null and Void”).  The Namori arrived late to an official celebration aboard Pegasus, and after behaving oddly and claiming not to be fond of crowds, departed abruptly.  Minister J’Za, a Tessekian representative who was also present with Pegasus, noted that he had always found Namori to be rude, and to be somewhat xenophobic (“Peldor”).
      Soon thereafter, Pegasus entered Namori space to return the two aliens to their people, not knowing that the civilization was caught up in the midst of a civil war.  Separated into two factions led by Sharee of Randar Spaceport and Commandant Sortansi, the Namori were locked in a life-or-death battle which the Pegasus became embroiled in, through no fault of their own.  Sortansi requested replicator technology as a way of feeding and supporting his people, who had been driven to the brink of extinction by the upper-crust people of Randar Spaceport, but Captain Poe refused, citing Prime Directive reasons, as well as concerns that the technology would end up becoming a weapon in their fight.  As Pegasus departed Namori space, the two factions were locked in their largest space battle to date, and likely to be the deciding factor in the overall war (“Looter’s Lament”).
      Portoni – humanoid alien civilization, previously known to be mostly nomadic.  Pegasus encountered the Portoni on the borders of the Labyrinth, an unstable spatial area through which many ships were unable to travel safely, where they had set up a small space station and made a business in trade and offering safe passage through the anomaly.  The Portoni leader, Senn, seemed particularly interested in purchasing Pegasus’ warehouse of fiction, though he would not tell the crew why.  Unknown to the Pegasus crew, Senn was convinced that ‘The Archive’ would find this information to be of value (“The Blues”).
      semi-sentient moss – non-humanoid alien flora, encountered by Pegasus beyond the border of Namori space.  The moss infected Ensign Nara Roswell for a brief period, killed two science officers on the planet, and imperiled many others, including the captain (“Seed of Eden”).  While Roswell was saved from the effects of the moss by a pagh’tem’far-induced epiphany by Lt. Commander Cerin Jaru, she continued to be unsettled by the episode, and still felt an urge to return to the planet (“The Blues”). 
      Takaa – alien civilization whose homeworld neighbored Tessekian space.  Minister Orek of Tessek noted that while the Takaa were aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they were highly puritanical and frowned upon acts they considered frivolous or purely recreational.  Minister J’Za of Tessek noted that they were not fond of the arts, but that some of the greatest minds in the Tessek sector resided on the Takaa homeworld (“Peldor”).
      Tessekians – humanoid alien civilization whose homeworld is called Tessek (“Power Structure”) and whose government is led by a leader called the Archon (“Peldor”).  Tessekians regularly had dark blue skin and were relatively short compared to humans (“Edged Tools”).  The Takaa homeworld was within the same sector as Tessekian-controlled space.  The Tessekian civilization was highly concerned with maintaining peace with others, as evidenced by their Ministry of Peace, and the celebration of World Peace Day (“Peldor”). 
      Pegasus’ first encounter with Tessekians was aboard Deep Space Two, where Captain Camarino, DS2’s CO, was in the process of engaging in official First Contact procedures with the three Tessekians aboard, led by Delegate Sorthonus.  Sorthonus was later revealed to be Kappa 392nd Derivative of Arclon the Elder, who was in reality one of the Watchers, a reclusive alien race.  The Tessekians were unaware of this duplicity, but they and their faux leader were briefly detained by Camarino after the Ash-vou’el attacked DS2 (“Edged Tools”). 
      The Tessekians later left unharmed, maintaining a desire to open further relations with the Federation (“What You Don’t Know…”), which they would get a chance to do on stardate 59171, when rendezvousing with Pegasus to retrieve two Tessekians who had become trapped in a pocket of null space and who were rescued by the Starfleet crew (“Null and Void”).  During a celebration of the Peldor festival (and also in honor all those rescued), the chief representative for the Tessekian Archon, Minister Orek, and Minister of Peace J’Za greeted the crew and Captain Poe warmly, making a formal request for the ship to visit the Tessek homeworld and to be their honored guests.  The Tessekians proved to be valuable fountains of information, offering frank assessments of the Dorasian civilization (positive) and the Namori (negative) (“Peldor”).  Minister J’Za later provided Pegasus with information on the Tringald civilization, when Pegasus encountered the ruins of their homeworld (“Power Structure”).
      Tessekians found a variety of things to be beautiful or of interest, showing themselves to be both discriminating and open-minded.  Among other things, the Tessekian representatives were highly interested in the many festivals and celebrations of the Federation, due to a relative lack of such things on their world.  Also, their own clothing – which has long been lined with metal alloys due to the popularity of a children’s fable that caused a trend that has since become de rigueur – caused them to become highly interested in Major Ret’s formal outfit marking him as Caitian Icon (“Peldor”).
      Thoran Kelva – Andorian.  An explorer and scientist, Pegasus encountered Kelva in Portoni space aboard a personal shuttle of his own in 2382.  Kelva and Pegasus’ chief science officer Thelven Shelar seemed to have a long history that includes a female named Kelal.  Shelar clearly was not fond of Kelva, going so far as to urge Captain Poe not to let him aboard.  But, when Kelva formally requested assistance, the Starfleet captain was obliged to help.  Kelva resorted to unorthodox and unscrupulous methods in order to acquire information on how to maneuver through the Labyrinth, but the captain refused to use such ill-gotten information, and warned Kelva not to resort to such measures again, if he wished to remain aboard (“The Blues”). 
      Tokii Hegemony – a xenophobic race.  Kered warned against entering their space. (“The Blues”)
      Tringald – a technologically advanced, extinct alien race that had never achieved warp flight.  Pegasus entered the Tringaldan system on stardate 59486, in order to investigate the planet’s extensive ruins.  Tessekian Minister J’Za alerted the Pegasus to the existence of the Historic Memory Project, which the Tringald people had undertaken in their final years of existence as a way to give their people and their planet’s history a life immortal.  However, the crew found the planet to be devoid of any signs of activity, and completely lacking in the complex set of interactive holography that the minister spoke of (“Power Structure”).
      The Watchers – alien civilization capable of shapeshifting (“Edged Tools”).  The name is a rough equivalent of an untranslatable name (“Peldor”).  The Watchers hold themselves responsible for safeguarding fragments of a powerful relic known as the Wishmaker Stone (“Edged Tools”).  So far, Pegasus’ only interaction with the Watchers has been with Kappa 392nd Derivative of Arclon the Elder, who came aboard after Captain Poe granted his request to join them after the attack on Deep Space Two by the Ash-vou’el (“What You Don’t Know…”) in order to assist with Pegasus’ travels (“Peldor”).  Kappa 392nd Derivative of Arclon the Elder has proven amiable but taciturn, and attempts by Dr. Raven and Lt. Commander Martinique Poe to find him a nickname have yielded no results so far (“Null and Void”, “The Blues”).  Currently, he has taken to shadowing members of the crew in order to better learn about the job they do, and has started with Lieutenant McFarlane (“The Blues”).
      Wishmaker Stone – An artifact of unknown power.  Kappa 392nd Derivative of Arclon the Elder brought a fragment of the Wishmaker Stone with him to Deep Space Two, in the Watchers’ ongoing quest to keep them safe from the Ash-vou’el, who have renewed their mission to recompile all the fragments of the Stone and utilize its power for some unknown purpose.  According to the Watchers, the Ash-vou’el once had the stone’s power under their control, and utilized it to reak havoc across known space, and if they were to regain it, it would make them unstoppable (“Edged Tools”). 

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