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Teaser for Tuesday, August 2, 2005 -- "Status Quo?"

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  • Poe
    Captain s Log, Stardate 58803: It s hard to believe it s been almost six weeks since Admiral Nechayev turned down my request for transfer of command. The past
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      Captain's Log, Stardate 58803:
      It's hard to believe it's been almost six weeks since Admiral Nechayev turned down my request for transfer of command.  The past few weeks have been unusual in that the crew seems to have almost gotten more used to my presence here, and my position as commanding officer.  Now that it's apparently going to be a more permanent thing, I suppose there's nothing to be done but accept it, or transfer off.
      Speaking of transfers, there have been eleven so far.  I have only met three of the people, so I can only assume that some people are not sure they want to sign on for a three-year deep space exploration mission.  It's understandable, and I expect many more transfers for the same reason. 
      At the same time, I've received requests for eighty-eight transfers from science personnel, twenty-nine requests from security personnel, and twenty-two requests from engineering personnel to come aboard and join us on our trek into the unknown.  In addition, there have been a whopping thirty-six applications from medical officers, but twenty of them are only interested in the position of Chief Medical Officer.  Apparently it has become common knowledge that we're in need of a permanent one.
      JAG has said it will be taking some time to determine Slor's asylum status.  Until such time as it decides, it has granted a request from Slor that he be allowed to remain aboard Pegasus with his betrothed -- or the Klingon version of it, in any case.  Since I've not been offered a retraction to his death threat against me, however, I see no reason to allow him free rein of the ship, and he will remain under guard until such time as a ruling is made.  However the ruling comes down, he'll be leaving Pegasus in any event -- he can take his asylum on any Federation world, and if he doesn't get it, it may be high time to return him to Cardassian space.
      My promise to Kai Yarka hasn't been forgotten, but getting the Klingons to the negotiating table has been tough.  A diplomatic team led by Ambassador Martinique Poe has worked for the past month to convince the Klingons to negotiate, and the meetings began last week.  I was been granted an opportunity to address the Klingon delegation and request permission for the Bajoran flotilla to enter Cardassian space, but first Kai Yarka has requested that myself, Chief Engineer Cerin Jaru, and Counselor Marzia Betencourt join him in the Bajoran capital of Ashalla.  I'm unclear as to what is the purpose of his request, but a Starfleet officer intent on not ruining Federation-Bajoran relations does not lightly turn down an audience with a planetary spiritual leader.  Pegasus is in orbit while the three of us beam down to the main monastery in the capital city.
      In another unusual note, Commander Hanson has found yet another reason to return to the ship -- but this time, with a fascinating gadget from Utopia Planitia R&D in stow.  This device has been worked on by Hanson and Commander Blankenship's team for quite some time now, and is a prototype designed to allow subspace communications across great distances in relatively short time -- sort of a mobile Project Pathfinder able to be powered on the far lower energy levels of a starship warp core.  The ship has been chosen as one of twelve to test the device out.  I'm looking forward to the ship doing its part to assist with the advance of knowledge.
      And the fallout from the Rosalind Franklin incident has been kept very quiet.  Apparently, there's a rather intense investigation going on, with Ambassador Poe's delegation being kept appraised of the details -- my guess is, they're passing their information on to Chancellor Martok's delegation, which strangely included only two members of the High Council and several lesser dignitaries.  There is clearly a lot more to this than a simple agreement between a renegade Starfleet captain and a highly placed Klingon councillor.  After all, how did Captain Delrossa get access to so many munitions in the first place -- she's a medical ship CO, for goodness' sakes!  Well, I've already given Starfleet my debriefing, as have Commander Betencourt and Captain Quinn of the Vigilant.  I don't expect it's something we'll necessarily hear about any further.  Starfleet seems a lot more secretive about things since the war.  I guess I can't really say I blame Starfleet Command, but sometimes I think it'd be nice to return to the simpler pre-war mentality, and not doubt the motives of every individual we come across.  This deep space mission may be exactly what I need.

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