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  • Christian D.Clem '01
    Do you think that it s possible? Mouse frowned and stared at the floor. She was obviously uncomfortable, sitting here in the Captain s Ready Room with
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2000
      "Do you think that it's possible?"

      Mouse frowned and stared at the floor. She was obviously uncomfortable, sitting here in the Captain's Ready Room with Wallace. Dev understood, especially with the tough question he was posing.

      "I - uh - yeah, I guess it is. Time travel's pretty hard ta get right."

      Wallace nodded.

      "Thanks, Mouse. If she really did survive, and if she's behind all this, then we're definantly going to have to keep on our toes."

      The Pegasus' assistant science officer and Wallace's former fiancee' just nodded. Wallace sighed a little but smiled disarmingly. Seeing his smile set her a little more at ease.

      "Thanks for the help."

      She grinned back at the captain, and scurried out of the ready room as he bid her adieu. The doors swished shut behind her, and Wallace sat staring at the door just a little longer than usual.


      "We're here, Barax."

      "Send out a hail. They'd better be here, because I don't wanna stay here any longer than we have to."

      "You said it, Cap'n."

      "You believe that this place is haunted too, doncha, Cap'n Barax?"

      "Bah! Haunted, no. But there's some weird stuff thats happened to me before when comin' through here."

      "Like what?"

      "Well, like - "

      U.S.S. Pegasus sims every Friday night at 11:30 p.m., ET, in the channel #uss-pegasus on the InnerNET network. Officers and crew are encouraged to show up at least ten minutes early for set up. Try the following servers in this order:

      Helena.MT.US.InnerNET.ORG port 6667, 7000
      Espoo.FI.EU.InnerNET.ORG port 6667, 7000

      Christian D. Clem '01, aka "Tinky"

      Captain Dev Wallace, Commanding Officer
      U.S.S. Pegasus NCC-63847

      Howdy Ags! Get a cool email address at --> http://www.aggiemail.com/
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