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Ten minutes to face the heat.

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  • MrowTheCat
    Ret looked skyward, toward the sun that beat unmercifully at the dark sands below them. The black sands soaking up the heat like so much sponge, the
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      Ret looked skyward, toward the sun that beat unmercifully at the dark sands
      below them. The black sands soaking up the heat like so much sponge, the
      temperature rose, grew wings, and soared above the group trudging with their
      stretcher below. The ground was perfect for creating updrafts, that is, it
      was darkly coloured and therefore absorbed heat easily. This also made the
      surface akin to an oven that seared, the very air wavering visibly under
      that bright and inescapable eye that glared, unblinking. The caitian looked
      back at the small string of people following, Molom and Raven with the
      stretcher, Mcfarlane and Blaber slightly ahead of them.

      He himself was beginning to put distance between them, his own marching pace
      almost a dead run in purely human terms. Then again, he could see everyone
      minus Molom sweating heavily, and his own panting was becoming uncontrolled.
      The runabout was still visible, despite the broken, rolling terrain; Moving
      in the sand slowed Ret somewhat, the humans more and the stretcherbearers
      most of all.

      His stopping caught the attention of the others, looking up at him as he
      waved a tuffed hand and motioned to a unpromising set of rocky boulders,
      barely six hundred metres from the runabout that he was beside. Moving too
      much further in this heat would risk their wounded.

      Ret worked quickly, skills used for emergency shelters coming easily to one
      who learn, taught, and practised so often; This hadn't been the first time
      he'd been shot down in atmosphere, and he'd spent even more time skipping
      about planetside, usually as a part of ranger or survey teams and the
      occasional search and rescue.

      'Search and rescue,' he thought to himself, 'Is something that would be
      very, very welcome right about now.' He drew his phaser and cut two small
      holes in the rocks. 'Power's draining out of this device too,' he noticed,
      looking critically at the power-gauge. An hour, maybe two at most. After
      that, they'd be nothing more than deadweight.

      It took only a moment to get the lean-to up, the reflective emergency tarp a
      priceless boon in the sea of black sand. A few minutes more work with a
      shovel both secured the tarp's bottom edge and managed to hit a layer of
      sand beneath the shelter that was still cool. Given how reflective the tarp
      was, it would be obvious what he was doing. They would stop, and wait out
      the heat. They had little choice, in any event.

      He gave off a huff between pants and sank into the cool, shaded grit, and
      waited for the others. Until the heat died down, it was all they could do.

      (OOC Note: There's twenty(20) minutes between this sim and the next, so we
      won't trek to the village, i'm afraid. it's about 11:10 for this area, and
      the heat has yet to reach it's peak, 41 C in the open. It's high 30's right
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