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Teaser for Tuesday, February 1, 2004 -- "Reflections of You", Part Four

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  • Poe
    Oh, I m all alone now No love to shield me Trapped in a world That s a distorted reality -- Diana Ross and the Supremes, Reflections * * * * * Poe
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      Oh, I'm all alone now
      No love to shield me
      Trapped in a world
      That's a distorted reality

      -- Diana Ross and the Supremes, "Reflections"

      * * * * *

      Poe closed his hail and turned to the others. "Colonel Kira suggested
      that I speak with DS9's former Chief Engineer, Miles O'Brien, about the
      device that allows for transport into the other reality that Martinique
      and Marzia have been taken to, but he doesn't appear to have any idea
      on the schematics on the device, though he said he'd hunt for
      information. Both of them stated that they believed one of the devices
      had fallen into the hands of Starfleet R&D at some point." He paused.
      "Have we had any luck figuring out a way to make the trip on our own?"

      Shelar and McFarlane shook their heads, and as Shelar opened his mouth
      to speak, Poe held up a hand. "It's all right, just ... keep working
      on it, please."

      In lieu of a response from the Andorian, Admiral Nechayev and two men
      in red Starfleet uniforms stepped onto the bridge. Nechayev nodded at
      those Starfleet officers that snapped to attention, and again seemed to
      note but not say anything about those that did not. The three
      approached Poe, and Nechayev's adjutant, Commander Wrightwell, handed
      him a padd.

      "Captain, I am pleased to inform you that your death certificate has
      been officially voided by Dr. Beverly Crusher of Starfleet Medical.
      The certificates of the other members of your crew previously declared
      deceased but now living have also been voided."

      Poe nodded, but frowned upon taking the padd. "You called me captain."

      "It is your rank in Starfleet." Nechayev looked around the bridge of
      the Pegasus. "But Starfleet Command has also decided to reinstate you
      as the commanding officer of the Pegasus, due to Commaner Hanson's
      transfer from the ship. Command codes will be transferred to you later

      "What about Hanson? She's my first officer."

      "Not anymore, Captain." Nechayev indicated the other man with her and
      Wrightwell, and he stepped up and remained sharply at attention. "This
      is Commander Carlos Ruiz. He'll be serving as the new executive
      officer of the USS Pegasus, effective immediately. Lieutenant
      Commander Betencourt will return to the position he held before your
      ... death, as Pegasus' Second Officer."

      Poe looked at the over six-foot tall Terran. "My new first officer?"

      Ruiz said in response, "It will be an honor, Captain. I've made a
      point of reviewing your career and writings --"

      "Admiral, may I see you in my ready room please?" Poe cut off Ruiz and
      headed for the ready room without waiting for a response from Nechayev.

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