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HOLODECK Program::McFarlane Highland History-One

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    Holodeck, holoroom 3 Lt. Angela Armstrong stands before holoroom 3, noting that the room has been occupied now for almost two hours. My scheduled time was
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2004
      Holodeck, holoroom 3
        Lt. Angela Armstrong stands before holoroom 3, noting that the room has been occupied now for almost two hours.
      "My scheduled time was fifiteen minutes ago." she states impatiently.
      "Computer, who is occuping the room?"She asks, tapping her foot. Her robe opens to reveal her thigh down to her sandaled foot.
      The computer answers immediatly,"Lt. Jake McFarlane."
      Angela puts her hand to her temple, thinking where Lt. McFarlane was stationed on the ship. "Oh, yes. He's one of the engineers."
      As she shifts her towel from her left arm to her shoulder, she asks the computer.
      "Computer, how long is Lt. McFarlane's scheduled time?"
      "Lt. McFarlane is performing routine maintence to the holoroom internal sensors, room 3 is off-line." The computer responds quickly.
      Angela's face becomes agitated, as her hands go to her shapely hips. She stomps her right foot, "Why wasn't I informed?"
      "Emergency protocol 4t was iniated at 1435 hour. Holoroom 3 will be back on-line at 1800 hour." The computer informs Lt. Armstrong.
      As she is about to leave, she notices in the wall console screen, program runnig, Highland History -one.
      "Must be running a program to check out the sensors." She wonders as she asks the computer.
      "Computer, why is the room running program Highland?"
      "Holoroom 3 is off-line for maintence. Go to holoroom 5." the computer states quickly.
      Angela huffs, as her nose guard falls between the clevage of her rounded, firm breasts which are bounded by her swimsuit. Her robe swirls in the air, showing her backside, as she walks away from holoroom 3 in disgust.
           A figure stands on green, rolling fields. He is dressed in a kilt, his shirt half torn, the boots are covered in mud and blood. In his hands is an ancient weapon, a broadsword, his face is covered in paint that have streaks of sweat cutting thru the color scheme. His somewhat muscled body glistens with sweat, paint, dirt and blood. He is surronded by other men dressed in kilts wielding ancient weapons of Earth's past. They are yelling, shouting, "Death to the English." "McFarlane.""Macleods."
        The figures are fighting, what appears to be a better armed and protected army, but yet there are more bodies of the English army lying on the field of battle.
       This seems to be a pause in the action, as the two forces regroup to renew the battle.
      I kneel down, resting my weary body against the sword that I slammed the point into the ground for leverage. Looking down at my kilt, the colors of blue, red, white and a tinge of purple, covered with grim. Breathing heavy, feeling the sweat pour from my body and muscles aching. Notice a cut on my upper thigh as wel as various cuts and bruises over my arms, and chest.
      "I've  needed this so bad, haven't really done this since being at Starbase 118."
      "How I've let my self go, This sword feeling like a ton of duranium." My reflexs are off." I look up from my kneeling position, a breeze lifts my kilt , as the English army begins to advance again on us Scots. The deafening sound of the Scots yelling begins to send chills down my back as I rise up. Adrenline starts to surge again thru my veins for the umpteenth time.
      "Time, no idea of time. Glad I was able to program the maintence routine to allow whatever time I need." A smile forms across my face as the English advance.
      "It's good to be an engineer."
       Thinking of how, since coming to the Pegasus, situations have arisen that I have not been able to foresee. I need to regain my physical shape to help me overcome some shortcomings of late. I should have been able to block Suvron's attack, and if I had been in better shape, the Fallow virus I might have been able to fight more effectivly.
       The English archers fling their arrows at the Scots. I see the arrows in the blue sky, I am able to side step three. One lands in front of my left foot, a Scot falls to my right, then a sharp pain comes from my right abdominal side.
      "Missed that one." I say as the arrow slices my side, then sinks into the ground.
       The Scots begin to yell defiantly as the arrows stop and the English infantry begins to charge, then as they are about 500 yds, we begin our charge.
        1745 hr- Sickbay
         The doors to sickbay swish open, a figure dressed in a kilt enters, holding a towel over my right ear.
       I see Raven and Betancourt look up from some reports they were reviewing, a look of surprise comes over theirs faces as I come up to them.
      " Hi, I ...ah... got just another scratch." I say as they notice the amount of blood soaked into the towel.
      Noticing their looks, " I was doing a workout in the holoroom and got some minor cuts and bruises that just need a look over."
       Then seeing them looking down as I stand in my kilt, " It's a kilt, a family and Scotish tradition."
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