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RE: [usage-centered] Justification for Essential Use Cases

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  • Lu, Hongzheng (Cindy)
    Thanks! The links are very useful! - Cindy ... From: brogers@calypsosystems.com [mailto:brogers@calypsosystems.com] Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2001 12:22
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      Thanks! The links are very useful! - Cindy

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      Subject: [usage-centered] Justification for Essential Use Cases

      In the projects I've tried to utilize Use Cases, I've had to
      justify their use both to clients and colleagues.

      Toward that end, I've created this "Essential Use Case FAQ" as
      part of an effort to utilize Essential Use Cases on a number of
      projects--it is intended to justify and explain to both clients
      and other project members the use of Use Cases in general,
      Essential Use Cases in particular, and provide some reference

      It's based mostly on the work of Cockburn & Constantine / Lockwood:


      And here's an Essential Use Case template I've been using--it
      includes a Use Case diagram notation referred to in the FAQ:


      Note there are MS-Word comments in the above template including
      Constantine-inspired "Optionally", "In any order" constructs.

      I also have some sets of links specific to Essential Use Cases
      and Usage-Centered Design:



      Any comments appreciated

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