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Re: [usage-centered] browser based application UI

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  • Nuno J. Nunes
    on 09/09/00 02:44, Thomas Nunes at tnunes@snet.net wrote: Thomas and Jeff ... We re organizing a workshop on that subject at the forthcoming UML 2000
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 11, 2000
      on 09/09/00 02:44, Thomas Nunes at tnunes@... wrote:

      Thomas and Jeff

      > There is an interesting 3-part paper at http://www.uidesign.net that
      > discusses how to architect the MVC design on the server-side for web-based
      > applications. It uses statecharts to model the interaction or navigation
      > between pages, which I find to be an interesting approach. The first part
      > starts at http://www.uidesign.net/1999/papers/webmvc_part1.html . The third

      We're organizing a workshop on that subject at the forthcoming UML'2000
      conference. We hope to discuss a lot of related work regarding the use of
      the UML (and the different underlying diagrams) for interaction design.

      Take a look at some of the position papers that discuss that and other
      interesting subjects. URL at http://math.uma.pt/tupis00


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